Thursday, August 07, 2008

City engineer Dave Ross on Westbrook flood control

Fort Wayne City Engineer Dave Ross talks about the meeting with residents Aug. 6 about the Westbrook flood control project scheduled to start later this month and the conceptual plans for the State Street improvement project:


Karen Goldner said...

I really like these mini-interviews. Kudos to Rachel Blakeman, Rebecca Karcher and Mayor Henry for utilizing new media to keep people informed. (It is funny that most of Rachel's interviews are of people such as the Mayor who are in the midst of the oldest form of communication - face-to-face with citizens. Shows that it's good to have both!)

J Q Taxpayer said...

What is sad is because of poor engineering by both the City and County has FORCED this "great project" to reduce flooding.

Had the planning departments and engineers done their work with retention/detention ponds the flash flooding that has become so common to this area would not have happened.

While everyone is slapping each other on the back of how this will reduce the flooding I think everyone should look along Clinton Street. The spot I am talking about is the bridge that Spy Run Creek runs under Clinton Street just south of State Street. This bridge and the ground around it has become a "DAM" that limits the flow of the Spy Run Creek water getting to the main river.

What we will hear about next is for us to raise the bridge and make it longer.

Oh, there is more water headed for this stream as part of the widening of I-69 north is putting in more and larger drainage from residential areas north of I-69 that will dump driectly into the Spy Run Creek.

I guess then the City will just buy some more older, nice, and moderate affordable homes and tear them down. That should help keep people living inside the city limits.