Wednesday, August 06, 2008 protest in Ft.Wayne tomorrow

House Republicans have been "protesting" ever since Congress adjourned on Friday because Speaker Pelosi blocked their offshore drilling plan. Speaker Pelosi blocked their plan because it won't help lower gas prices—but it will line the pockets of Big Oil executives, the same people donating millions of dollars to Republicans.

But Republicans are working hard to make it seem like they're fighting for cash-strapped commuters—and not the oil companies that want to drill the most.

So tomorrow (Thursday), we're organizing our own action to highlight the GOP's extensive ties to Big Oil, and deliver a petition to our representatives calling for a big switch to clean energy. We've invited the media, and having a good crowd is critical to show them that voters don't want oil industry gimmicks, they want real solutions like alternative energy to solve our energy crisis.

Can you make it?

Here are the details:

What: Petition Delivery to Stop Big Oil Gimmicks and Demand Clean Energy
Where: Rep. Souder's office (in Fort Wayne)
When: Thursday, Aug. 7, 2008, at 12:00 PM.

The event is sure to be a lot of fun. We'll tell the media and the Republicans that voters aren't buying their oil industry scams. Together, we'll deliver hundreds of thousands of signatures from voters who're demanding real solutions—renewable and clean energy sources.

Republicans have been dominating the debate around gas prices for weeks with their sham drilling plan. Oil drilling is a gimmick, and the only reason they're pushing for it is because their donors in the oil industry want it.

Their latest stunt is getting a lot of press coverage. But no one has challenged their ridiculous arguments, so we have to.

Here are few key facts about oil drilling:

  • It's a gimmick. The US only has 1.6% of the world's oil. And drilling could take over a decade or more to produce any oil.1
  • It won't lower gas prices. Even after a decade-long wait the price will barely drop a few cents per gallon.1
  • America knows drilling won't work. According to a recent poll, 54% of poll respondents said they did not believe more drilling would lower gas prices. And 63% said opening up public lands to oil and gas drilling is more likely to enrich oil companies than to lower gas prices for American consumers.2
  • Voters are ready for real solutions. The public overwhelmingly believes (76%!) that policymakers should focus on investing in new energy technologies including renewable fuels and more efficient vehicles rather than expanding exploration and drilling for more oil.2

Tomorrow, we'll call out the Republican stunt and remind the media and the Republicans that voters want real solutions—not oil drilling.

Can you join us tomorrow in Fort Wayne?

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