Friday, August 08, 2008

Mike Pence thinks you're Stupid


Mike Pence has released a new online video who's purpose is obvious - he wants to portray himself to sixth district residents as a vision of what he wants people to think he is. His aim is to get voters to think about the image he presents to them, rather than looking at the truth.

Pence is proud of his eight year tenure in congress during the Bush years. The citizens of Indiana's sixth congressional district overwhelmingly agree with the rest of our great nation in expressing our relief at the nearing end of George Bush's reign. Good riddance, and on to finer and better government. A government that fits the original intent of it's founders - fair and equal representation of it's citizenry. ALL of it's citizenry, no matter their religious beliefs or lack thereof, their skin color, their personal values, or their socio-economic status! We've had enough deception, enough lies, enough of being sheep led by the wolves! Our people are ready to be REPRESENTED, rather than LED!

Compare this video from Mike Pence that he DOES NOT want you to see. The video is long, but at 4 minutes and 21 seconds into the link, Pence gives a clearly deceptive response. In his video release he wants us to think that he has integrity, but not telling the truth about where your campaign contributions come from is not integrity, at least not as Barry Welsh defines it as a pastor.

Look for yourselves and make your own decisions:


briefs said...

Gotta disagree, Mike Pence is a great leader and is doing what Americans want done. Speaker Pelosi and Obama types are dragging their feet and will end up losing this election by trying to put global warming in front of gasoline prices.

Sorry, but $4 gas was too much, and the timing was bad for your party. I think some call it a tipping point.

John Good said...

How can you get it so wrong, my friend? Americans want us out of Iraq - they KNOW it's not "just like a summer market in Indiana".

I'm not sure how you're trying to tie global warming to oil prices, but I agree that $4 per gallon WAS a tipping point. Against the status quo.