Sunday, June 22, 2008

Maplecrest Extension Hearing

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This Tuesday, June 24th, is the public hearing for the Maplecrest Road Extension. It is imperative that supporters for this project turn out en masse. Click the screen capture below for a full list of reasons why this project should move forward and be approved:

Tuesday, June 24 at 9:00 a.m. in the City-County Building, room 200

Why it is important:

* Public safety access to the Nelson Road industrial corridor and to River Haven.
Provides a route over the railroad and river and closes two deadly railroad crossing.
Opens the Nelson Road area for redevelopment and industrial growth and provides greater potential for positive growth in the area of Adams Center Road and S.R. 930.
Provides better access for the employees of businesses that are often caught between two rails with trains blocking their access.
Provides improvements for storm water drainage.
North River Road floods when we experience a significant amount of rain, closing off access down an already dangerous and winding road.
Provides faster travel times to Georgetown, downtown Fort Wayne, New Haven and southern Fort Wayne. This reduces fuel use and emissions.

Residents and business owners are strongly encouraged to attend the public hearing and speak and express their concerns and support of this project in front of the Allen County Council. Supporters of this project must "pack the room" to help this project happen.

Many business owners, residents and elected officials (both local and state) will be in attendance to continue to promote the significance of this project. Please plan to attend.

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