Friday, June 20, 2008

Even more reasons to visit Coney Island

. . .as if you needed them!

A local asshat, err. . .disturbed caucasion youth, recently posted a diatribe against a local hero who works in a management capacity at one of Fort Wayne's most famous landmarks. Here are the videos in question:

I think I'll drop by and thank this dude in person. I already patronize Coney Island several times a month despite it's proximity to Steve Shine's "Liar's Club". Now I have a reason to drop by more often. . .It's good to know that I won't have to worry about running into Angry White Trash during my visits.


AWB said...

Given your mouth full of it, you must be running out of *shit* to say, John. There's nothing original on this blog. That might explain why you only get 60 visits a day.

John Good said...

Bait taken.;)

Parson said...

Taken and swallowed whole it seems.