Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Maplecrest Extension passes 6-1

$55 Million Dollar Project to proceed next year:

The Allen County Council today overwhelmingly approved the $55 million Maplecrest extension from Lake Avenue south to Adams Center Road. County Commisioner nelson Peters said "we worked hard to sell the project" and presentations by a variety of county officials and other supports swayed Council members who previously said they were leaning against the project.

The 6-1 vote in favor of a $25 million construction bond should allow work on the 1.5-mile extension by next year. The project, which is of great importance to businesses and residents of southeast Fort Wayne and New Haven,is expected to improve transportation and public safety and promote economic development, especially in southeast Allen County. But because the cost had doubled since 2002, some Council members had questioned whether the benefits were worth the expense.


Kevin Whaley said...


I attended this meeting and I thought that the county staff did an excellent job of examining the possible development scenarios (from best to worst case) for this area.

Staff also described the long-range transportation planning process and described how the intent of this corridor. Many people believe that this project is simply one whose time has passed and that just because it is on the "books" doesn't mean that it should be built. In reality, it is the final piece of a north-south corridor that has been constructed over time and is designed to compliment the overall transportation network and function in conjunction with I-469 (and not be replaced by it.)

The County Council also did an excellent job of asking questions, seeking information, and gaining an understanding of the project. Overall it was a very productive and informative meeting.

John Good said...

Kevin - Thank you for the insight into the meeting for those of us who's schedules prevented attendance. I'm sort of a geek on these transportation netowrk issues (I have an official 4'x5' map on my wall that I penciled in not only the Ardmore and Maplcrest extensions, but even Coliseum south to the 469/US27 interchange) We'll never see THAT one, eh? =)

In all seriousness, to look at a county map is to realize the importance and need for these full length north-south arteries. Maplecrest was the obvious missing piece of the puzzle. I may actually be more excited about it than I was over 469!

Parson said...

I can't wait for it to get done. It will make traveling to New Haven a lot easier.