Wednesday, May 07, 2008

6th District voting favors Welsh

Tuesday’s Primary Election results prove people in Eastern Indiana are ready for a change as they overwhelmingly came out to vote for Barry Welsh.

Barry Welsh received 94924 votes compared to 43795, which was the total for current Congressman Mike Pence. Welsh won handily in all but one of the 19 contested counties across the district, losing that single county by less than 300 votes.

“I want to thank everyone that voted for us, and ask for your vote again in November. We have worked tirelessly since before the 2006 elections and when we lost that race; we got up the next day and started working toward victory this November. That work is paying off as we have great name recognition and voter trust heading into the 2008 elections. People are ready for a change and we are that change.” Said Welsh upon learning that all counties had reported results.

Welsh continued, “We traveled the district on Primary Election Day and we knew that the results were going to be good, but we did not expect this. I told Brian Howey, who is a well-respected political journalist at an event in Anderson a few weeks ago, that we would beat my opponent by a count of 56 percent to 44 percent. We did not expect almost 70%, but what that shows is that the Independents and even some of the Republicans understand that my opponent has done little for this district with a Republican President and a Republican Congress, and they know that he will do even less with a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress. Now we roll up our sleeves and get to work to make sure those people come back to the polls in November
and we work to bring the change that this district is so desperate for.”

Welsh concluded, “My opponent stood by as thousands upon thousands of jobs left this district. People know that I am a fighter and I would have fought for those jobs and we might have saved some of them. People also know that I will fight to bring new jobs to this district and that is one of the reasons we will win in November.”

Sec. of State Website and District Results:

Barry Welsh 765-827-8325

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Jeff Pruitt said...

An amazing showing by Barry last night! I think I'll up my monthly donation to him - we need to send Pence packing from Washington and back to the Baghdad, er, Indiana markets.

Montagano had quite a showing too - more on that later...