Thursday, May 08, 2008

You know you're from Ft. Wayne when...

You know you're from Fort Wayne when...

1. You remember the Glenbrook Ice Rink.

2. You remember when "Belmont's"didn't only refer to a liquor store.

3. You remember when I-69 was just two lanes.

4. You remember downtown before Headwaters Park & Courthouse Green.

5. You can properly pronounce the name "Goeglein" (GEG-line).

6. You remember the Coliseum before the expansion.

7. You remember the Coliseum before the Expo Center.

8. You remember when Science Central opened.

9. You know what "Gladieux " is and remember it catching fire.

10. You remember the Apple Orchard at Glenbrook.

11. You remember when the Roller Dome was THE place to be on Friday and Saturday nights.

12. You've been to Coney Island more timesthan you can count and you have no problems walking in through the back door.

13. You've eaten at the Elegant Farmer.

14. You remember when Memorial Stadium opened.

15. You remember when B. Dalton, Walden Books, Little Professor, and Reader's World were the biggest bookstores in town.

16. You remember when the Georgetowntheater was full-price.

17. You filled a prescription at Hook's Pharmacy.

18. You remember South Side HS and North Side HS before the renovations.

19. You remember Southtown Mall.

20. You've been to Safety Village.

2 1. You've bowled at almost every bowling alley in town.

22. You remember going to Lassus Stations without hearing from Jon Lassus every time.

23. You remember the old food court at Glenbrook.

24. You know what ten thousand burning tires looks like.

25. You remember the time before Jefferson Point when Glenbrook was the only place to shop.

26. You know that it's "State Boulevard" not "State Street".

27. You remember "Holiday 6" and saw movies there.

28. You remember when Southtown had more than Footlocker, Sears, and the MCL Cafeteria.

29. You remember when the TRF Midway was cool, and you didn't have to worry about getting shot.

30. You know what TRF stands for.

31. You remember when Lazer X and Ultrazone opened.

32. You've thrown apples on Johnny Appleseed's grave.

33. You remember going to McMillan Health Center in elementary school.

34. You remember Maplecrest when it was a two-lane, bumpy road that "teed" into Rothman.

35. You remember the times before Wal-Mart and Meijer...when you actually had to go to a grocery store.

36. You were ever on Happy's Place.

37. You remember listening to B106.3.

38. You remember the TRF Raft Race.

39. You ate at the Moonraker and shopped at Tepe's next door.

40. You went to Diamond Jims and still miss it.

41. You've eaten at Power's Hamburgers and remember it being open 24 hours a day.

42. You've managed to cram yourself into Cindy's Diner and not feel claustrophobic.

43. You remember when Hot 107.9 was Foxxy.

44. You remember the St. Mary's Church fire.

45. You remember when Dupont Road was out in the middle of nowhere.

46. You remember the days before I-469.

47. You remember the flea market next to Hillcrest Bowl.

48. You know the Wizards original mascot was actually a wizard...not some creepy dragon.

49. You knew about St. Francis College before the football team.

50. You bought something from Service Merchandise and had to wait for it to come out on the conveyor belt.

51. You remember when the first Meijer opened.

52. You remember watching Steve Shine on WFFT Fox 55.

53. You remember when Mike's Carwash at Glenbrook was full service.

54. You remember when an Express Wash at Mike's cost less than five dollars.

55. You remember the Trolley Restaurant on Wells St. next to where Edy's is now.

56. You've marched in the TRF parade for some reason or another.

57. You remember Penguin Point on Spy Run.

58. You're pretty much guaranteed to find a wooden nickel or two somewhere around your house.

59. You can name all the Halls Restaurants (including those that have closed) and know where they are located.

60. You remember when Lincoln was based in Fort Wayne.

61. You remember Baer Field before it was "internationalized".

62. You remember when Keltch Pharmacy was it's own store, not a part of Scott's.

63. You know what "Froggy's Pad" was.

64. You remember the Seyfert's factory on Hwy 3/Lima Rd. and what smelled like.

65. You know that Best Buy was originally located where Borders is now on Coldwater Road,
and that it was The Children's Palace before Best Buy.

66. You remember when Speice just sold shoes.

67. You know where Kittle's is even though you never shop there.

68. You know that our Pizza Huts are way better than anything outside of Dick Freeland's franchise.

69. You remember when Vernon Jordan was shotat the Marriott.

70. You remember when the Citilink buses were PTC.

71. You remember when Win Moses was mayor.

72. You know the difference between St. Joe Blvd, St. Joe Rd, St. Joe Center Rd, St. Joe River Dr,and Upper St. Joe Center Rd.

73. You can finish the sentence, "If you're not on Goshen road..."

74. You remember never being able to find parking at the downtown library.

75. You know what St. Francis' campus looked like before the renovations and expansions.

76. You remember when the police department was at South gate

77. You remember Showbiz Pizza before Chuck E. Cheese.

78. You've ever had a birthday party or attended one at the Roller Dome (north or south).

79. You remember Roller Dome North before they renovated it.

80. You remember Tilt at Glenbrook.

81. You remember when Coventry13 was the main movie theater.

82. You remember Denny's on Lima Road.

83. You've complained aloud in your car that St. Joe/St. Joe Centeris a screwed up intersection.

84. You were pissed that northwest Indianagot to keep 219 when the area codes were split up.

85. You've drank out of the lion shaped water fountain at the Zoo.

86. You've eaten at Atz's ice cream shop.

87. It doesn't bother you in the least that a road can change names 3 or 4 times in the course of a few miles.

88. You know the story behind Harry Baals Drive.

89. You remember the GTE Tower.

90. You've eaten at Willie's.

91. You remember Damon's and the fact that the place was cursed.

92. You remember Roger's, Lynn's, and Cub Foods.

93. Even if you know Scott's was generally overpriced, you're still pissed Kroger bought them out.

94. You remember Georgetownbefore the renovation.

95. You remember when there was more than one Big Boy.

96. You remember when the 14/69 Automall was built.

97. You remember when Roger's grocery baggers loaded your bags in your car for you.

98. You drove Harrison Street when it was one, continuous street.

99. You remember when Amtrak stopped in Fort Wayne.

100. You miss being told the "Fort Wayne National Bank Time ".

101. Bob Rohrman annoys you.

102. You've talked to Croaky the Frog.

103. You remember when Lutheran Hospital was on Fairfield.

104. You remember Hudson'sat Glenbrook

105. You've know the rumors about Devil's Hollow at night.

106. You remember the Children's Place in the mall having the little slide and stuff at the back of the store.

107. You know that the television was invented by Fort Wayne resident Philo T. Farnsworth.

108. You remember when the ACPL summer reading program actually had good prizes.

109. You've gone sledding down the huge hills at Franke Parkand Shoaff Park.

110. You remember Furrows behind Southtown.

111. You've ridden on the BMX track.

112. You've had your picture taken while sitting in the joey pouch at the zoo.

113. You remember listening to Charlie Butcher on 97.3 WMEE.

114. You know that the Detroit Pistons used tobe the Fort WayneZollner Pistons.


Sonya said...

115. You know that WOWO is "the big 50,000 watt voice of the big business of farming."

Bobby G. said...

Having ONLY lived here for not quite 11 years, I can recall about HALF of those items on your list....which goes to show how MUCH has changed in JUST ONE DECADE!
(I'll have to post my 'southside version of FW' list someday).

((I'm FROM Philly, but I LIVE in Fort Wayne, in case anyone cared.))

Good post...thanks for the memories.


Joe said...

... or you can remember that THE place to get new music was the seedy but well stocked Smokey's Record Shop on Wells Street. "If we ain't got it, we can order it. I we can't order it, you don't need it."


Pete said...

Remember quick stops at Murphy's, picking up a magazine at the newsstand, sending some mail at Howard's.

John Good said...

Sonya - absolutely.

BG - I was a southside boy from '71 til '05. We could swap stories. . .

Joe - That's where I always looked for old 45's and new needles.

Pete - I can't personally recall those, but my Mom worked part-time at Murphy's at one time.

Parson said...

I miss the Elegant Farmer, that was some good prime rib.

Mana Knight said...

116. At Northwood Movie Theater, you went up the stairs to use the bathroom.

117. You woke up early in the morning to watch the news and heard Cheddar's Restaurant has burned down.

I remember so many things from what I read here. I'll try thinking about more. Great read.

Sean said...

Remember when Southtown was the cool mall! Heck, remember when southtown was a mall

bard said...

I remember the Elegant Farmer and Tommy Lebamoff. I gave my wife her engagement ring there. Many fond memories of "the Fort".

Meg said...

How about shopping at Kings,
Mr. Wiggs and Ayres Department stores?

Sharon Hathaway said...

I remember all of the above. That's telling my age huh? Born and raised here./

Sharon Hathaway said...

I remember all of the above. Sorta telling my age huh? Born and raised here.

Steve Gordon said...

you remember the arch at Wayne and Calhoun that had cars and Christmas trees on top

9fb49a82-b87d-11e3-a730-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Thank you so much for all of these. It sure brings back a lot of memories. And what about the great burgers at Gardners downtown and the Moonraker across from the coliseum, another great place to eat

Josh said...

#111 It was called "Rock Hill"

Josh said...

#111 It was called Rock Hill

Josh said...

#92 You forgot Maloley's grocery. Frairfield & Creighton.

deweyduzzfotos said...

Bob Sievers was the voice.

pioneercynthia said...

Nothing about Wolf & Dessaur or The FLOOD?!?

Lori Larko-Wilch said...

You can remember going to see TRHPS at Northwood!

Lori Larko-Wilch said...

You can remember going to see TRHPS at Northwood!

Lori Larko-Wilch said...

You can remember going to see TRHPS at Northwood!

Anita Rosenberger said...

Or L.S. Ayres before Hudson's....

Jessica White said...

Youve dialed 422-0123 to get the temperature before getting dreesed for school!

Jessica White said...

Youve dialed 422-0123 for the temperature before getting dressed in the morning!

Jessica White said...

Youve dialed 422-0123 to get the temperature before getting dreesed for school!

Jason Sundquist said...

118. You know that the formation of the NBA was brokered by Fred Zollner here in his kitchen

Jason Sundquist said...

118. You know that the formation of the NBA was brokered here by Fred Zollner in his kitchen

John Gruber said...

We use to drag race down DuPont rd in the mid to early seventies. Nothing but cornfields

Shel257 said...

Actual telephone booths and Godfathers Pizza

Shel257 said...

Actual telephone booths and Godfathers Pizza

MAC said...

Does anybody remember the Electric Circus on State Blvd.?

Lynn McComb said...

...when Len Thornsen, Merv Dubchak and Lionel Choo Choo Repka, were the "IT" athletes in the Fort.
...when you called in to "pick-n-play" at night on 1450... WLYV, the LYVE GUYS!!
...when Santa's sleigh lit up was the attraction on the side of Fort Wayne National Bank.
...when you went to the Embassy to ACTUALLY see a movie.

Lynn McComb said...

...when Len Thornsen, Merv Dubchak, Lionel (Choo Choo) Repka, Terry Pembroke and Robbie Irons were our heros.
...when you followed the Komets on the air by Mr. Bob Chase, THE voice of Komet Hockey.
...when you worked hard to get through on the phone to "pick-n-play on, "1450, WLYV, the LYVE GUYS!!
...when THE Christmas attraction was Santa's sleigh on the side of the Fort Wayne National Bank building.
...when you went to the Embassy, to ACTUALLY see a movie.

Robyn Clark said...

I was born and raised in FW and remember most of these things. I can say Goeglein because my Grandma was a Goeglein. Goeglein Reserve was where she was born and raised. Don't live far from FW now but always consider FW my home.

Pam Zins said...

Murphy's Doughnuts were the best!

fryloc359 said...

You threw your peanut shells on the floor at the Ground Round

Sharon Rorick said...

Ha, I remember when Central High School was downtown. I remember when the bypass was a dirt road. I remember when The Coliseum wan't even built. I remember when the Police Station was where the History Center is now. I remember when it was a pleasure to go downtown and window shop. I remember when we rode the old busses with the electric cable. I even remember the trolleys on the tracks. I worked at Murphy's 5 & dime. I remember the wonderful old Schlatter's Hardward Store. The old Trolley Bar Tavern on Calhoun an I think Superior. I remember the transfer Corner and the Bathrooms underground at the Courthouse Corner. The big drinking fountians on the corner. Remember the Boston Store and Huntner's Paris. Wow Beautiful downtown. They they decided to put in Parking meters and downtown fell apart. Who wants to pay for parking to go shopping? The Coliesum was 25 cents till they paid off the cost of paving it. Humm wonder how that worked out for them? Must not have paid it off yet! I remember when A police officer didn't have to know how to drive a car. Because they didn't have only a few. Ha ha bet not to many of you remember this stuff.

Bill Zurbrugg said...

I remember when Syferts was on Lafyette street, where the police garage is, before it was at Lima road. I also remember all the rootbeer stands and cruisin from Big Boy North to Big Boy South. Also Gardener's drive in on Jefferson. You can also add all the drive in theaters, East Thirty, Lincolndale, and Hillcrest (which the sign is still on Tillman road but in really bad shape) Couple more things I remember the Humpty Dumpty at South Anthony and Pontiac Street and ridding the bus to down town when they had the electric things on top of them to make them go.Farmers market on Warsaw Street (which is still open). Remember going to the Rialto Theater.

Bill Zurbrugg said...

I remember all these things also. Seyferts was on Lafeyett street where the police garage is before it was on Lima Road. The Humpty Dumpty resturant at South Anthony and Pontiac Street. The Rialto theater and all the drive in ones. East 30, Lincolndale, and Hillcrest. The Hillcrest sign is stiil on Tillman road but in really bad shape.All the rootbeer signs.Farmers market on Warsaw Street (which is still open) Riding the bus to down town when it had the electric things on top of them to make them go. W & D christmas window displays and inside they had a room just for kids to buy there parents a Christmas present.Hobby Town on North Anthony buying models, rockets, and racing slot cars. Old state school on State Street. Gardeners drive in On Jefferson and crusin back and forth from Big Boy North and Big Boy South. One more thing I will add ( have lots more) but the Jack And Jill Amustment Park on Coliseum also Jungle Jims

Carol said...

Clearly I've been gone too long. I don't recognize many of the items on the list above. I remember W&D's Christmas Windows, Jefferson Center, Franke Day Camp, Miner School, only 3 public high schools in FW: North South and Central. I remember when there was only one Atz's, having lunch in the Walgreens downtown. Having lunch at Murphy's, hanging out at Murphy's on a Saturday. As far as Southtown Mall is concerned, I remember before there was a South Town mall. Before Elmhurst was annexed, when ACPL was called the FWPL. Nonetheless, this article stirred up some old memories for me.

John Wilson said...

The Don Halls Old Gas House really was a gas house.

The Christmas window display at W&D

The huge Christmas tree on the arches at Harrison and Wayne.

Harrison was 2-lane - going opposite directions.

The Lincoln Museum in the old LS Ayres / W&D

The Coliseum is really the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum.

The Tank at the War Memorial Coliseum.

The HUGE Santa Display.

TRF Fireworks!

Laurie Mitchener-Oncheck said...

118. When Spy Run curved because you had to go around the brewery because if you went straight you drove right into the buildings.

Rick Cocklin said...

You remember WMEE on AM.
Washington Ctr. and Coldwater was a 4 way stop, and then no stops all the way to Garrett.
The Coliseum parking lot was gravel and free.
Maloley's Grocery stores.
Apple Records
Romper Room
King's Store

Cara Dansby said...

A&P grocery store on Maumee

BUN factory off N Anthony St where we got B UN bar after school after a knock on the door.

Links Skating Rink on Jefferson was the place to be on Saturdays

Cara Dansby said...

BUN Factory off N Anthony gave us free candy bars after school
Links Skating Rink was the place to be on Saturday

AM said...

I remember when Smokey's became the only place to order record player needles...

Jeff Mundt said...

118. You've played Wildcat base ball and went to Mr. Mac day!

Sarah said...

You remember filling sandbags to be stacked on Pemberton Dike. - Bob and Sarah