Tuesday, January 22, 2008

City Council President Tom Didier Changes His Story on Council Attorney

Today's JG brings us coverage of the city council attorney saga. You can read the background I previously wrote about (here and here) but suffice to say the Republicans have decided to go with only one council attorney and there were accusations that this was decided during a closed Republican caucus. At the last council meeting, council President Tom Didier said the decision to choose attorney Joe Bonahoom over Phil Larmore was not discussed and the only discussions they had were to decide between going with one or two attorneys. Watch the video below:

But now in today's JG story he admits that he went much further than that:
Didier said although he told Larmore he would not be returning as an attorney, he said nothing has been officially determined, and it won’t until the council’s closed-door meeting.

Wait a minute here. That is exactly the accusation that councilman Pape levied and Didier denied. I would say that telling Larmore he won't be returning is more than "discussing the aspects of going with one attorney versus having two". Video doesn't lie. Furthermore, how could Didier tell Larmore he won't be returning if nothing had been officially determined.

Didier is using nuance by employing the word "officially". The truth is these decisions were made in advance and Didier went ahead and told Larmore before the council even had a vote. This is not how council should operate and using the excuse "this is how it's always been done" doesn't make it right...

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