Friday, January 18, 2008

City Council Attorney Update

Last week I reported that the city council was going into executive session before this Tuesday's meeting to discuss personnel matters involving the two city council attorneys. Council Republicans are looking to go from two attorneys down to one, and the odd man out in this arrangement would be attorney Phil Larmore. Council Republicans have been accused of deciding council business during closed caucus sessions and not in full view of the public, and I was concerned that this might be another example of this. Thus I contacted Larmore directly to ask him if any official notice had been given to him.

During our conversation Larmore confirmed that councilmen Tom Didier and Tom Smith did meet with him to discuss the council attorney position. Larmore indicated that no official notice has been given but he is not willingly stepping down from the position. He realized that it was likely he would not be continuing as council attorney but that he didn't know the reasons behind the change saying "you should ask them that question".

After tomorrow's executive session the council will likely make nominations to fill the council attorney position and Larmore is not expected to continue in that position...

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