Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mayor Who?

While looking for the latest press releases I stumbled upon the Mayor's Office official web page. Seems like they're still adjusting to the new mayor...


John B. Kalb said...

Mitch Harper's FWoB also lists King Richard as Fort Wayne mayor.

bobett said...

It's a labor and gift updating a blog. A thankless, unpaid job for

Jeff...great work!

I would think the same persons that kept the City blog going are still the same persons. I'd bet they are being paid today by our tax dollars?

Yes, I'm curious also, why the delay in Mayoral information?
The least they could do is post a picture of Mayor Henry and a congradulations. A Mission Statement might be nice too!

bobett said...

I guess they heard you Jeff.

The website has been updated and with a mission statement.


Mayor's Office
Mayor Tom Henry

The Mayor oversees policy implementation and the efficient flow of ongoing services through wide administrative and appointive powers. This includes naming heads of seven major city administrative divisions and many board and commission members. Specific departments under the Mayor include: the Public Information Office, the Neighborhood Specialists, the Law Department and the Internal Audit Department.

Meet the Mayor
News Releases
Proclamation Information
Contact the Mayor's Action Team

Mayor's Office
It is the mission of the Office of the Mayor to assist the Mayor in serving the public by gathering information on important issues, assisting in analyzing those issues and developing policies to guide the course of the City for the future. At the direction of the Mayor, the office implements policy by coordinating and guiding the actions of the various divisions of the City government, and working cooperatively with other units of government, business, and other organizations to accomplish the goals of the City.

Mayor's Office


Jeff Pruitt said...

This page still shows the wrong mayor...

bobett said...

Webmaster has updated!

Thanks all.