Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Upcoming Public Meetings

There are a few public meetings coming up that readers might be interested in.

  1. City Council - 5:30pm today - City County Building
    Presentation by the Mayor's Commission on Domestic Violence, Rape and Sexual Harassment

  2. Aqua Indiana North Transition Meeting - 6pm today - Omni Room, City County Building
    The first public meeting by City Utilities covering the transition of Aqua Indiana North customers into the city's water system.

  3. Fort Wayne Public 1 - 6pm today - Business & Technology Conference Room, Downtown Library
    The first meeting of a new citizen group that will try and shape public policy in Fort Wayne

  4. Grassroots Green - 6pm Wed - Sweetwater Sound
    Celebration of Sweetwater Sound's Green building and an introduction of the groups Green Living Guide

For all you civic minded people looking for something to do just pick one and get involved - you might actually enjoy it...

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Dan said...

Jeff, email me if you can tel me how to get a hold of this group:

Fort Wayne Public 1