Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Congressman Souder is On the Job

The News-Sentinel is going to be publishing a series of bi-weekly columns from Congressman Mark Souder with the first installment printed today. In this one Souder describes his trip to the Washington-British Columbia border as part of his oversight responsibility on the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border, Maritime and Global Counterterrorism.

Of course for Souder everything comes back to drugs (specifically meth) and this trip was no different. First he tells of the horrors of Ecstasy trafficking along the border and then he visits a needle exchange program in Canada:
I was surprised to hear how rapidly the smuggling of the illegal drug Ecstasy has increased. Originally confined largely to “rave” parties, Ecstasy (also known as MDMA) is gaining in popularity, especially on college campuses. Often it is laced with other drugs – such as meth – to enhance its addictiveness.

While in Vancouver, B.C., I visited a needle exchange program that allows drug addicts to inject themselves with heroin in a government-run facility under the guise of “harm reduction.” This was the third time I’d seen this failing program, and I was reminded why harm reduction is a misnomer.

What do either of these two things have to do with counterterrorism? And why in the world would Souder visit a Vancouver-based needle exchange program 3 times? Is he monitoring progress to see if we can recruit these addicts into an elite anti-terrorism fighting force? Once again Souder explains by telling us how his over-the-top obsession with the "war on drugs" is really saving us money:
Oversight visits, such as this one, are among the most valuable learning tools available to a congressman who takes the time to study the issues. They help ensure that taxpayer dollars are used wisely as we work to strengthen our nation’s homeland security.

Ah yes, truly a wise investment of the taxpayer's money. I feel so much safer already...


Robert Enders said...

There are some things that you need to see in person, but everything else you can just go look up in the library.

All those drugs coming into this country are just taking away jobs from hard working American meth cookers.

Vic DeMize said...

Robert's right! So when you're tweaking and gnashing your teeth until you look like a contestant in the Miss West Virginia beauty pageant, hit that back alley for a quick fix to get right again, and be sure to look for the Union label!

Sponsored by the American Federated Union of Methamphetamine Manufacturers, Local 833

Andrew Kaduk said...

Where has Souder been? X is SOOOOOO 2001...

But I guess all of that exhaustive "research" he's doing must keep him at least 6 years behind the actual rec-sub trends.

J Q Taxpayer said...

I am glad to see my tax dollars so hard at work. I mean he could have been ripping on some poor person working in eat-em-up shop over a sandwich.

I sure hope there is more to the story then you posted because it sure seemed like a waste of time to me.

What did he learn to help me out?

de_tokeville said...

Poor schmuck's just pining for his misspent youth. If I'd spent mine in church instead of on drugs I'd very likely be one helluva narrow-minded, bitter piece of shit too. Makes you wonder also why he's so eager to keep people from exploring their own homosexuality if that's how they're inclined. And that's my two cents' worth for the day as a Freudian analysand. Tomorrow: Captain Comb-Over (or the unexamined life of My Man Mitch).

Rachel said...

The "war on drugs" is one of those issues that can garner a lot support but requires no real action the part of a congressman. Sounds like Souder picked the right issue to show democracy inaction, rather than democracy in action.