Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Does Don Schmidt Really Want a Recount?

Ben Lanka's story in today's JG left me wondering how serious Councilman Schmidt is about the recount in the 2nd District council race. The recount continues to be delayed and Election Board member Andy Downs didn't leave much doubt about why that is happening.
Downs said scheduling conflicts pushed the recount back until just days before the Dec. 20 deadline for the recount to be concluded. He said this is atypical of recounts, many of which begin before Thanksgiving.

“I’ve never seen people who requested it (a recount) less interested in getting it done,” he said.

The voters certainly deserve to know who won the race but it doesn't sound as if councilman Schmidt is too anxious about getting that done. Voters also remember that Schmidt didn't do much campaigning leading up to election day either...

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Parson said...

It seems a bit unfair to Karen. She probably really wants to know if she is on the council or not.