Monday, November 05, 2007

Fred Rost Helped Destroy the Kelty Campaign

I couldn't help but laugh at Fred Rost's guest column at FortWayneNews. The man passes blame around to everybody except himself. The "differences" he lists between Kelty and Henry are full of half-truths and outright lies, and it's not even worth my time to rebut them as they are that ridiculous. However, I will say that from day one Fred Rost has unintentionally undermined the Kelty campaign. At the end of the day Rost's insistence on secrecy will be the undoing of Matt Kelty.

First he didn't want to admit he commissioned the Harrison Square poll, then he didn't mention anything about Willis, then the loan he gives shows up as coming from Kelty instead of from him. So Matt Kelty should ask himself - "Where would I be if not for Fred Rost?" I'm not sure he would've won the primary but he wouldn't be facing 22 years in jail and he wouldn't have the tarnished reputation he has now.

Kelty is ultimately responsible for the decisions he made but Rost certainly didn't make it easy. It's easy to use people, to let others do your work while hiding in the shadows, but that's not what a friend does. A friend stands beside you as march into the fire. A friend stands beside you when you get burned. A friend never passes the buck when he deserves his fair share of the blame.

With friends like Rost, Kelty doesn't need enemies...

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