Monday, November 05, 2007

I posted a response

I was just over at Dan Turkette's place and left a comment on Fred Rost's guest post that read:
  1. Robert Rouse Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Dan, I realize this may never see the light of day, but …

    Will someone point me to a web site where Tom Henry can actually be quoted as saying he promotes a “City of Strip Clubs”? I’m just curious, because I’ve read a lot of quotes and I think I missed that one. Come on, someone throw me a bone - tell me where you got that “quote”. However, if this is just a holier than thou issue, I can understand, although I do have to say that if Matt was mayor and he attempted to shut down strip clubs - and it wouldn’t affect me at all since I don’t even go in them - wouldn’t that run counter to his pro-business stance?

I don't know if that post will ever show up at Dan's place - Sheri and I both have posted over there only to never see the comments posted. Shouldn't surprise anyone with the rampant redaction and secrecy Republicans are wont to do.


Dan said...

Robert, as you can see your comment was posted minutes after it was received. That can be confirmed by the response to your comments minutes later by J. Q. Taxpayer.

You're awful pissy this close to the election, eh :)

Robert Rouse said...

Not really Dan, I've simply been a past victim of your selective moderation.

otto said...

At least you can view his page..some are blocked from enjoying his wit and