Monday, November 05, 2007

Horror stories (after Halloween)

My wife Sheri just returned home from picking up our two youngest children from Day Care. On the way, she happened to stop at the light on the corner of Spy Run and State St. She saw a small group of Kelty supporters chanting away on the corner near the old Kroger store. Once they noticed the Henry sticker on the back of the car, they became belligerent and started screaming at Sheri, sticking their signs in front of the car and Sheri actually felt threatened. Not only that, they scared our special needs son, Dustin with their actions. Sheri recognized Glenna Jehl, because they attend church together and rolled down the window and screamed Glenna's name. Once she was sure Glenna was looking, Sheri told Glenna she should be ashamed of herself for the way she and the others were acting.

Another woman who works with Sheri is the wife of a youth pastor at a local church. After speaking with some Henry supporters, he agreed to allow a "Henry for Mayor" sign in the front yard. Right after the sign was put in, the pastor's neighbor came over, yanked the sign out of the ground and threw it into the street. The pastor looked at his neighbor and asked what gave him the right to come into his yard and do such a thing. The neighbor's sole answer was that the man was a pastor and he didn't believe a Christian should be voting for "that man".

What in the hell is wrong with these people? What makes them think they are above the law? The only thing I can think of is that they are emulating the actions of their figurehead. If Kelty can lie about campaign contributions, then they can obstruct traffic on Spy Run. If Kelty can put up an illegal sign, then they can act threatening toward Henry supporters. If Kelty can lie and claim to know nothing about a cake he was already photographed with, then they have the right to take stuff from someone else's property.

Are these the kind of people you want to be associated with? Is their figurehead the kind of man we want to run our city?

Nah! I didn't think so.


otto said...

That is terrible. Not to make light of their actions, but sounds like they really spiked the Kool-Aid.

John Good said...

Matt Kelty is much the same as the Blues Brothers in that they both beleived they were on "a mission from God". Kelty will ultimately suffer the same fate as Jake and Elwood when he hits the slammer for blatant and reckless disregard for the laws governing campaign finance.

At least the Blues had talent on their side and actually accomplished their task before heading to the big house!

David said...

Is there a way the newspapers could be interested in this? Or is it too late?

otto said...

those people are Like school on Saturday

Parson said...

That is a shame, I wonder how the Kelty people will defend this.

Cindy Harvey said...

Ah man....this is just wrong. wrong. wrong.

But I suppose when 'God is on your side' you have his supreme permission to take the kingdom by force....or stupidity. *rolling eyes*

I've known Glenna a long, long time too. Unfortunately her behavior doesn't surprise me. Did she even respond???

Eric White said...

Matt didn't know anything about the rally or the fact that he has supporters.

de_tokeville said...

Done in by his own. And that's not even the biggest irony in this whole campaign. How is it that Kelty trips everybody's gaydar yet attracts such a strident anti-gay following?

His own supporters are his biggest liability and have been from the start. He's a psycho magnet.

Daddy-O said...

de_tokeville: I think what you're referring to is called Larry Craig Syndrome.

And I'm glad to know my wife and I aren't the only ones whose gaydar goes apeshit whenever we hear Kelty talk.

ROACH said...

at least they didnt carjack a taxi, threaten the driver with a box cutter, and crash it with a full tank of gas into their house.
radical fundamentalist extremists are known to do things like that, you know.
which is precisely why I voted for tom henry, and will vote against any other bin-laden/zawahiri/muhajdeen/taliban/Islamic Republican, whenever they stick their heads out of the GOPher hole.
next on the "hit-list"- Pyss on Wyss, and Mark "Dopehead" Souder.
Mike Pence is close to making the list too.