Saturday, October 20, 2007

Director of Downtown Improvement District is Moving On

Dan Carmody has decided to take a new job as president of the Eastern Market Corporation in Detroit.
The director of Fort Wayne’s Downtown Improvement District has resigned and will leave the organization in November.

Dan Carmody said he has accepted a new job as president of the Eastern Market Corporation in Detroit. His last day in Fort Wayne will be Nov. 16.

Although he regrets leaving Fort Wayne, Carmody said the move will give him the chance to play a role in cutting-edge urban agriculture. “To me it was just an opportunity to do some things I couldn’t pass by,” Carmody said.

Carmody had been with the group for about two years.

Fort Wayne's loss is definitely Detroit's gain. Carmody brought intelligence, realistic perspective, energy and fresh ideas to his position as head of the DID. I wish him well in his new endeavor and hope that Steve Brody and the rest of the DID board can find an equally-capable replacement...

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J Q Taxpayer said...

Dan Carmody leaving is interesting if one looks at his history at Rock Island. My guess, while his new employment offers a new road to travel, it will not provide the possible accomplishments that he could have done here.

Carmody will not say in public and those in the know will not admitt that he may have given up on Fort Wayne and the turf battles that rage behind the curtain.

The only way now to see what he may have been able to accomplish is to look what he did for the community of Rock Island. Click below or copy and paste this site to read about Carmody leaving Rock Island just two years ago: