Saturday, October 20, 2007

Steve Shine Rejects AFA's Negative Ad

Update: The full text of Shine's letter will be up shortly

Republican County chairman Steve Shine has rejected the negative ad put out by the American Family Association.
Shine sent a two-page letter to Kelty outlining his concerns with the ad. In it, he wrote that the advertisement does not create a perception of the open and inclusive Republican Party he is trying to promote.

While he said he has valued the group’s support of candidates in the past, he fears the radio ad – played on a local Christian station – conveys that Republicans shun people who differ from them in certain ways.

“As someone whose roots come from a class of people once persecuted for its religious beliefs, it pains me to hear even a hint of intolerance associated with a candidate of an organization I chair,” said Shine, who is Jewish. “I will not accept intolerance, real or perceived.”

Kelty said he understands Shine is concerned with the advertisement but said he has not listened to it and knows nothing about it.

Kudos to Steve Shine for doing the right thing and condemning this ad. In a previous conversation I had with Shine, he stressed the fact that he is and always has been committed to making the local Republican party one of inclusion. Speaking out against this ad once again demonstrates his sincerity on that issue.

And just in case Matt Kelty still hasn't heard the ad I went ahead and e-mailed it him. Take a listen Matt and tell us what you think...

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