Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where is Matt Kelty on the Issues?

I keep hearing that Tom Henry isn't talking about the issues but the truth is he's the only candidate talking about issues (sorry, Karen Goldner is too). What is Matt Kelty talking about? Seriously, his only issue so far has been to "cut property taxes, cap them and make them permanent". While this makes for a nice soundbite it simply isn't based in fiscal reality. Kelty hasn't explained how this is going to be possible - hell he hasn't discussed a single detail of this "plan".

The truth is that the traditional media has bought into the nonsense that somehow Henry isn't discussing issues while Kelty is. This is a typical example of the media picking up a storyline and running it into the ground without actually doing any real reporting. Matt Kelty has spent the bulk of his time trying to defend himself from his indefensible lies. His latest YouTube video is a prime example as it has absolutely nothing to do with any of the issues.

At some point Matt Kelty is going to have address the issues that are important to the voters of this community - to date he has certainly not done this. Tom Henry is making an effort to articulate his position on various issues while Kelty continues to lie about his party, his upbringing, his campaign loans and his opponent.

At some point Kelty is going to have to talk about something with at least a semblance of substance...


Sheri said...

Go Jeff, Go Jeff, go go go Jeff

Parson said...

It's kind of funny how the tables have turned. A month or so ago some bloggers were telling everyone how Tom Henry was being silent on issues.