Thursday, August 23, 2007

Matt Kelty Lies In WANE Television Interview

From day one of this campaign finance fiasco I have said that Matt Kelty violated the law. However, I have also said that I have no reason to think that Kelty is anything but an honest person that made a mistake. As of today, I can no longer make that statement in good conscience. His WANE interview from yesterday has put me over the top.

I'm going to have another post later detailing numerous other absurd comments made by Kelty in this interview but I wanted to put this up first. I wanted to put this up because this lie is so blatant that frankly I can't believe he even has the chutzpah to make it. Kelty's behavior reminds me of a 10 year old child that simply can't own up to the mistake he's made and instead decides to deny the truth at every opportunity. I have not rushed to judgement on this and I debated how I wanted to handle his comments. I try not to attack people personally but at the end of the day, Matt Kelty has struck me as a dishonest person and I can no longer suggest anything different.

I'm 100% positive that many will disagree with me on this and will probably even attack me for making such comments. However, those that know me realize that I am not a reactionary and partisan person. I am extremely disappointed in Matt Kelty and the false statements he made during the WANE interview. Here is the exchange (at the 7:30 mark) that finally drove me over the edge - readers can decide for themselves:

Mellinger: Has anyone in the Republican party, a higher up, talked with you, broached the suggestion of stepping out of the race?

Kelty: No.

Mellinger: It's never happened? Steve Shine never said anything to you? Nobody on the executive committee?

Kelty: No

Mellinger: You're saying that since the primary nobody has said 'Matt Kelty it's a good idea to get out of this'?

Kelty: My memory is always a little spotty but I don't recall anybody asking me directly or even insinuating that I should get out of the race.

This is a 100% lie and everybody knows it. Notice how he hedges by talking about his "spotty memory" when Mellinger continues to press the question. He didn't believe his answer and he was giving Kelty a chance to explain - he never does. There is no way you forget someone asking or insinuating that you drop out of the race. For him to make such a statement when asked repeatedly shows what a dishonest response this was.

More on the interview later...


Angry White Boy said...

Jeff, you're beginning to sound a bit like John McGauley

Jeff Pruitt said...


I respect your opinion but there's simply no way that was a truthful statement. I have more to come that I think is even worse...