Thursday, August 23, 2007

Matt Kelty's Catholic Ghetto

In yesterday's WANE interview Kelty described the place he grew up as the Catholic ghetto. Here's the statement (at the 6:30 in the video):
Please remember the fact that you're talking to a poor kid from the North side of Fort Wayne - the old Catholic ghetto.

First off, Kelty grew up in Kendallville. I believe he moved there when he was still in elementary school so insinuating that he's "from" the North side of Fort Wayne is probably a stretch to begin with but I'll move past that. So where exactly did Kelty live in Fort Wayne before he moved to Kendallville? None other than Forest Park Boulevard. For those of you that don't know Forest Park is synonymous with money and no honest person would describe it as the Catholic ghetto. In fact on Matt Kelty's street there probably isn't a single house valued at less than $250k (note: The Allen County website is down or I'd check on appraised values).

I went ahead and took a few photos for those of you that might be interested in what the "Catholic ghetto" actually looks like. Fortunately the ruffians weren't out and about so I didn't need the 9mm for protection. But if you want to check out the 'hood for yourself then cruise on over to the 2300 block of Forest Park Blvd - but don't say Matt Kelty didn't warn you...


Charlotte A. Weybright said...

Nice ghetto. I bet those who live in real ghettos would love the Catholic version.

Angry White Boy said...

Sorry Jeff and Charlotte, but your both obviously not Catholic. Read about it here.

mx3myers said...

Today's term "ghetto" describes a poor and destructed residential area and Kelty knows it. Mr.Kelty, and those supporting him, need to give up the act. I am a fellow Republican, but I am certainly not a catholic. Perhaps that is where the moral difference lies.

Jeff Pruitt said...

To elaborate on my response at your site, I spoke with a couple of people that have lived here for quite some time and one of them actually lived in that area.

Neither one of them can remember that area ever being referred to as the Catholic ghetto.

I'm applying Occam's Razor to this one...

otto said...

Take this into consideration in the context of him trying to sell himself as the lowly outsider. He claims he and his family has problems making ends meet. Now an architect who owns his own sucessful firm has problems making ends meet? If he can't make that salary stretch, how is he to be a fiscal conservative and lower taxes ? Or is he again indulging in dissimulation which he seems incapable of controlling.

otto said...

sorry for reposting from above.

Lots of crazy finger pointing at EVERYONE other than Matt. Your ghetto sociology was well done. I thought perhaps his supporters would say he was using the term in a very strict narrow way as in the Jewish Ghetto. I found his self-righteous indignation at having to be put in cuffs and booked and the blathering about his children seeing it particularly distasteful. They didn't have to let the kids see.
Hey, guess what Matt, that is what happens when you lie to a grand jury and get indicted on felonies. One other interesting note is that I was told by cops that it is policy that hands are to be cuffed behind the back when riding in a cop car. So he did get a break there.

I don't think they are clever enough for that or just prefer to ignore the entire thing. I tried raising the point with AWB, but he ignored me.

Charlotte A. Weybright said...


You're right - I am not Catholic. But, I would say the odds are that the listening audience took Matt's choice of words to mean the definition of ghetto specific to the United States. The Random House College Dictionary defines ghetto as "a section of a city, esp. a thickly populated slum area, inhabited predominantly by members of a minority group."

The Oxford Dictionary gives this as a definition: 1. a part of a European city in which all Jews were required to live. 2. a part of a city or region in which members of a minority group live as a result of social or economic discrimination.

A brief history of "ghetto" in the Columbia Encyclopedia describes the history of ghetto as it applies to Europe and other non-American cultures. According to the article, the old European ghettos were established by law and follow the history you provided in your post at AWB.

In the United States, the ghettos were not established by law. The Columbia Encyclopedia gives this as the explanation of ghetto in the United States as:

"In the United States, African-Americans, Chicanos, and immigrant groups have been forced to live in ghettos through economic and social forces rather than being required to do so by law."

While history supports your explanation (over at your website) of ghetto as it relates to Europe and the Old World, it does not support it as it applies to the United States.

I think most people who have heard Matt's comments took it as he lived in a poor, run-down, blighted section of Fort Wayne.