Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another Kelty Lie

During Matt Kelty's interview with WANE he makes a statement that completely contradicts what he said in a previous interview (2:55 mark in video):
Mellinger: Could you look me in the eye as a Christian and say you honestly had no idea who funded that Zogby poll last spring before the primary?

Kelty: I knew Fred Rost was involved to some degree but I didn't know to what degree and I didn't know with whom. So yes I can, depending on exactly what you're asking me. I mean are you saying do I know everyone that was involved? And the answer of course is no. Are you saying did I know anybody who was involved? I would say yes I had every reason to believe Fred Rost was involved.

But wait Matt, in a previous interview with Fort Wayne Observed you said the people you knew that were involved with commissioning the poll were NOT directly involved in campaigns:
Well, I will tell you this -- and I don't even know who all is involved in the group that did this, but the few guys that I do know don't have any direct involvement in campaigns.

I don't know what everyone else thinks but I would say that lending someone $150,000 would classify you as directly involved with the campaign. And beyond that Fred Rost, according to grand jury testimony, was the Kelty campaign chairman! How can you say that your own campaign chairman is not directly involved in campaigns?!? This was a blatant lie.


otto said...

wow, surprised things are so quiet around here. The Kelty supporters aren't too interested in these kinda facts I guess.

Jeff Pruitt said...

Funny how that works huh?

I think his statements are truly indefensible...

otto said...

Lots of crazy finger pointing at EVERYONE other than Matt. Your ghetto sociology was well done. I thought perhaps his supporters would say he was using the term in a very strict narrow way as in the Jewish Ghetto. I found his self-righteous indignation at having to be put in cuffs and booked and the blathering about his children seeing it particularly distasteful. They didn't have to let the kids see.
Hey, guess what Matt, that is what happens when you lie to a grand jury and get indicted on felonies. One other interesting note is that I was told by cops that it is policy that hands are to be cuffed behind the back when riding in a cop car. So he did get a break there.

I don't think they are clever enough for that or just prefer to ignore the entire thing. I tried raising the point with AWB, but he ignored me.

Angry White Boy said...

Jeff,the question posed by the prosecutor was assertion, NOT testimony. Tim Blee is the chairman, and you know this.

Take a pill :)

otto said...

Why not address the facts and put away the photoshop? You would look less foolish.

Jeff Pruitt said...


I actually didn't know who the chairman was but I think it's fair to say that Rost was directly involved in campaigns when he lent Matt $150k.

I'm sure an argument could be made that he's just a passive investor so to speak and thus he wasn't directly involved.

I wouldn't buy that argument but others might...

otto said...


You are quite the piece of work...a coward but a piece of work. Could you please explain your logic in not addressing the problems Matt had in telling the truth in his interview? Why do my posts never make it on your holy blog?

Because Jeff is not a judge or jury you aren't gonna address the problems matt has in telling the truth but you will post things that defend him against charges? Help me out here.

You are right Jeff or anyone else isn't a judge or jury-whatever that means. Since no judge or jury is gonna determine guilt before the election, it is our duty to come to some conclusion about his veracity and truthfulness. Your method is the that of the ostrich and coward.

In regard to not posting my posts, you say that you don't post things that don't measure up to your idea of being "adult". This comes from the guy who slings childish insults and images right and left. Dumocrats? Photoshoped pics and slurs against a woman who thinks that honesty and the trust of all people matters if one is to be an effective mayor. And I am sure she realizes that Matt offers NO LEGITIMATE policies, just slogans and bromides. All the crap he talks about is what Republicans have been saying for years or stuff that no mayor has control of.

You are quite the class act. You do post some people without their real names. As a matter of fact I do have a position in the county government and have reasons to believe that things I have written have gotten "out". You are such a class act that you claim to be honorable and let some people hide their identity then use my real name. are like school on saturday..."NO CLASS"

ROACH said...

OK, mr Architect. look me in the eye, and tell me "You know nothing. You were only following orders".

Kelty will win, and we will be saddled with the consequences, and FTW will suffer. can you say headwaters shanty town?
Christian Jihadis are in our midst. We have met the religious terrorists, and they are pogo would say.

Independent Voter said...


You go man! I've tried to post things on AWB as well, and he simply won't put my comments on his site. Basically, if you say anything that challenges Matt's not going up!

Don't be surprised if you see a new blog created specifically to allow users to comment on all of AWB's material. Maybe he believes is a dictatorship...but some of us believe in free speech.

otto said...

I love the new Kool-aid tactics of the Keltyites. We are all sinners so shut up. Only Jesus was perfect. The problem with this theological self deception is that the sinner must repent. Matt was given the opportunity several times during the interview to straighten some things out and he just continued to spin more deception and dissimulation. Now that Gonzo has been booted out, maybe Matt will whip the permagrin off his face and do the honorable thing...ya right.