Thursday, July 19, 2007

JG Editorial Board Supports Proposed Shooting Range

I am pleasantly surprised at this morning's JG editorial supporting Sheriff Ken Fries' plan to build a shooting range:
His idea is untested, but if donations and grants build the entire training center and Fries is able to bring in enough revenue to cover operating costs, county officials have little reason not to give it a try.

Even if fundraising falls short and the driving course idea fails, the county would have a needed shooting range, plus land it should be able to resell without loss or make available to new employers.

Fries’ idea is worth pursuing. And regardless of the sheriff’s training center, the Plan Commission, and later the City Council, should vote to rezone the property.

I have previously written in support (here and here) of this plan and I think Sheriff Fries should be commended for trying to build a much-needed rifle range without raising our taxes. It's not every day I agree with the JG editorial page but it's been happening a little more frequently of late - their wildly off-the-mark Valerie Plame editorial not withstanding (sorry, couldn't resist)...

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Kevin said...

I am not opposed to this project overall- but I do believe it needs a bit of scrutiny.

The property is owned by Ken Neumeister- a big time Ken Fries campaign donor.

Remember during the Sheriff's race last year, Fries said he had land picked out for this project? The question will become is this payback or not?