Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kalb Strikes Again - Harrison Square to be Competitively Bid?

Mike Sylvester has a copy of the letter that John B Kalb has sent to the Redevelopment Commission requesting that they not approve the recent Harrison Square agreements due to the fact that they may be in violation of state law if they do so:
I am writing to ask that you NOT approve the subject resolutions, which pertain to the baseball stadium license and management agreements, because I think that Indiana state law mandates that you may not enter into an agreement for the management of a public facility without first making a public request for proposals. In particular, I direct your attention to IC 5-23-2-2(which defines “board” and which definition I think encompasses your Commission), IC 5-23-2-7(which defines “operating agreement” and which definition I think encompasses the proposed Hardball/ stadium agreements), IC 5-23-4-1(which grants the Commission the authority to enter into an operating agreement for the management, maintenance, etc. of the stadium) and IC 5-23-5-1(which requires that the proposed agreements be preceded by and pursuant to a public request for proposals).

What's interesting here is that the management of the stadium will likely be up for competitive bid. However, the operations are all under Hardball Capital's domain and were certainly not going to be competitively bid. In the unlikely event that the Redevelopment Commission decides to follow state law and bid this competitively, I would encourage all Harrison Square opponents to work together to put forth an independent bid. I've worked on a significant proposal or two in my day and I would be willing to help.

And I suppose a few more subsidies might be in order too - why not...

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