Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Knuth challenges Council

Closed door meeting raises questions
Knuth calls for complete report of discussions

Fort Wayne, IN – Responding to a News-Sentinel report about a recent closed door meeting Allen County Democratic Party Chairman Kevin Knuth today called for a total and complete disclosure of what transpired.

“A closed door meeting, that could benefit some of the attendees financially, is clearly wrong,” said Knuth. Today’s comments were triggered by a News-Sentinel report (“Clinic may be operated by local provider”-which appeared in the January 10th edition) about the meeting.

According to the article, on Tuesday of this week a meeting was held between Allen County Commissioners Bill Brown, Nelson Peters and Allen County Council President Paul Moss. The meeting was held to discuss the County’s plan to start a full-service medical clinic for Allen County employees with county health insurance. Councilman Moss has had concerns about the company that was apparently going to win the contract, Tennessee-based CareHere,llc.

According to Nelson Peters, members of Lutheran Health Network and Parkview Health were in the meeting, and are planning on submitting a joint proposal. However, representatives from both companies denied being involved at this time. Paul Moss is a Senior Vice-President for Lutheran Health Network.

“Keeping local money local is good,” said Knuth, “but cutting deals behind closed doors is bad. There is no accountability, no public oversight. What promises were made in that meeting? Would Paul Moss see personal financial gains from this? Was there any promise of political contributions to Peter’s mayoral committee- either from these organizations or their leaders? We will never know.”

Knuth is calling for the names of all attendees, any and all documentation, notes, or paperwork that may have been shared at that meeting to be immediately released to the public.

“Once again, the Republican Party’s lack of common sense and ethics is showing,” said Knuth, “and once again, it is not passing the smell test.”

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