Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More financial woes for Allen GOP

As reported by Kevin Knuth, Allen County Democratic Chair:

It was announced today that Doug Foy, in addition to forging signature on campaign documents, also "diverted" funds for his personal use. (The "diverted" phrase is what was used on the official GOP news release- which you can find at Fort Wayne Observed. I think it sounds nicer than "embezzled").

I found an interesting line in today's JG coverage- from Ken Neumeister, chair of the party executive committee:

Neumeister said people shouldn’t feel concerned about giving to the Republican Party, saying the party did the audit as a way to protect its contributors.

“We feel great about the direction we’re going,” Neumeister said.

“We are putting things in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

I think folks MAY be getting concerned about giving to the local Republican Party- Last year they had to re-file campaign finance reports, in part because they "forgot" $30,000 in loans that they owed.

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