Friday, December 01, 2006

Protective order filed in Shine case

(From todays's Fort Wayne News-Sentinel)

Shine files for protective order

Nearly three weeks after police responded to a 911 call from his house to investigate an alleged domestic battery, Allen County Republican Party Chairman Steve Shine has filed for a protective order against his wife.

Shine, a family law attorney, filed the order Tuesday against Laura Beth Shine, according to Allen Superior Court documents. Shine, 54, declined comment, and his wife could not be reached for comment.

The protective order says Beth Shine, 51, must stay away from her husband and the Shines’ home in southwest Allen County. A hearing is scheduled Dec. 21 on the matter.

According to Indiana State Police, on Nov. 9, Shine reached into the car his wife was driving and tried to grab the key from the ignition but it broke off. He said no physical abuse took place. The findings of the state police’s investigation have been sent to Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards but have not been released. She has asked for a special prosecutor to decide whether criminal charges will be filed against Shine.

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UPDATE: Kevin Knuth posted his thoughts on the separation of politics and personal life yesterday, and reported meeting with Steve Shine regarding this incident. In lieu of these developments, we at Fort Wayne Left will strive to take the high road regarding speculations, hints, and rumors. We'll still report developments on the case, but will reserve judgment until all has played out.

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Stan Matuska said...

Intersting how this is playing out.
It must be tough to be in the spotlight and have personal situations to deal with at the same time.