Saturday, December 02, 2006

Left meets Right

Prodded by several longtime party members on both sides, Allen County Democratic Party Chair Kevin Knuth met with beleaguered Allen County Republican Chair Steve Shine on Thursday to discuss the November 9th 911 call to Shine's home in Aboite Township. The hoped for outcome of the meeting was to "dial down the commentary" that has surrounded that event, particularly in the local blogosphere.

“If his version of the truth is accurate, more than likely this is a personal issue,” Knuth said. For that reason, Knuth removed several posts on the Allen County Dem's weblog regarding the domestic dispute. As an official blog of the local party, this was probably the best action to take. We, not being an official blog of anything but our own opinions, are not held to as high of a scrutiny. However, although we still have many concerns regarding issues raised not only from this incident, but from other reliable sources, Fort Wayne Left will "play nice" as well out of respect for Mr.Knuth's direction.

Shine said “I’m appreciative of the recognition of the Democratic Party that there should be a separation between one’s private family matters and public life,”adding that the meeting helped the parties re-establish boundaries of what is fair game. Additionally, in a letter to the local party faithful, Shine expressed his desire to seek another term as party chair while he sorts through his family problems.

A hearing into the matter has been referred to a special prosecutor (for obvious reasons) and will be held later this month. We at Fort Wayne Left will report further developments on the case as they become available.

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