Monday, December 04, 2006


Back on August 9th, Fort Wayne Left brought you the story regarding the Allen County GOP's ethical lapses and the local party's executive director's involvement in them. In fact, that was our break-out initial posting here. That case has now moved forward. As excerpted from the Allen County Democrats Weblog:

Dec 04, 2006 - The Allen County prosecutor's office filed 11 felony charges against the local Republican party's former executive director, Doug Foy, for forging candidates' signatures on official election forms.

Specifically, the charges are "Defacing, falsifying, or destroying declarations, requests, petitions or certificates." In other words, forging those candidates' signatures.

According to court documents, Foy told police he signed the 11 candidates' names to the election forms declaring their candidacy for Township Advisory Board positions... to save the candidates time and a trip into town.

Three of those candidates told detectives that Foy told them not to tell anyone about the forgeries.

The false signatures were discovered when the director of the Allen County Election Board noticed that the handwriting on the forms didn't match.

A warrant has been issued for Foy's arrest.

Once he's picked up, or turns himself in, he'll be released on his own recognizance until his next court hearing -- which has not yet been set.

If he's convicted, Foy faces up to three years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine on each count.

Fort Wayne Left will bring you continued updates on this case as it evolves.

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Stan Matuska said...

Why in the world would someone do that knowing it is illegal????