Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Local wingnut defends Steve Shine

On November 29th, Dan Turkette spewed the following:

"Steve ShineNovember 29th, 2006
I’ve got to get my two cents in on this bullsh*t.
John Good - he’s an assh*le.
Kevin Knuth - ditto
Benjamin Lanka - same.
Shitrific Sheri - Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
Nicole Lee, Kevin Leininger and Jeff Wiehe - What the fsck? This is news?
Boys & girls; it’s none of your damn business. What the hell does his personal life have to do with his party chair? Nothing, nada, zip. This is not news.
You people really need to get a life. You’re pathetic."

MAN! I don't even know where to start rebutting this primate's ranting and drooling!

I guess I'll start with his final comments and work backwards. Maybe he can follow along that way, if I type very slowly and do alot of explaining. . .

"Boys & girls; it’s none of your damn business. What the hell does his personal life have to do with his party chair? Nothing, nada, zip. This is not news."

It has at least as much relevence as Bill Clinton getting a blow job had to do with his job as president, you moron. I guess "personal life" only matters to you if it's one of YOUR boys who's in trouble. . .Clinton got blown by an intern; Shine assaulted his WIFE in some manner in their driveway to the point that she called 911. That makes Clinton an adulterer, and Shine guilty of SOME form of spousal abuse, what type and extent we will not know until all of the details are out. You like to paint yourself as some great defender of moral values and exposer of sexual offenders or controlling assholes. Get a clue, asshat. You're guilty by association if you blindly "stand by your man".

I'm actually quite surprised that you attacked News Sentinel reporters as well as Journal Gazette reporters. Apparently ALL media people are assholes when they report news that you would rather not see reported. . .and I'm sure that most of them have long memories when it comes to being blasted for merely doing their job.


Craig said...

Here's a question. What good does it do to blank-out one letter when you're typing profanity?

Here's what Spicebaby typed...

"I've got to get my two cents in on this bullsh*t"

Gee, I wonder what word that could be? On a purely intellectual level this guy is dwelling somewhere around 7th grade.

It's official. Fort Wayne has the stupidest wingnuts in all the internets!

What a joke of a human being. What a putz.

Sheri said...

Sheri's doing the cabbage-patch chanting :
"Go John, Go John, Go, Go, Go John"

You made me tear up dude.

John Good said...

Thank you both. Sometimes you can't just ignore him. . .

Andrew said...

I can honestly say after explaining to Shine today about my problems currently going on how I was immediatly cancelling my non-compete agreement with Him, Greg Case of BTE, and Lockheed Martin over the laser array system as this Govt. has decided it does want to compete.. It is everyone's responsibility to watch our representatives especially those who claim religious affilations such as Shine does that we see the true side of this man. He is crooked and un-justly beat his ife which I find very immoral according to the scriptures he's supposed to be following though since he's a Republican those rules and laws have went out the window. Good job to none who would tell the truth about these people and what they are into doing to people.

A Jewish German Epileptic,

Andrew Floyd Strasser