Monday, November 27, 2006

More on Shine 911 Call

Details are slowly emerging regarding the 911 dispatch to Allen County Republican Party Chairman Steve Shine's home on November 9th:

This Allen County Sheriff's dispatch log reports a call for a code 46 ("Domestic Disturbance") and a code 96 ("Battery").

Limited details are available in this State Police report. Apparently there was a domestic disturbance of some sort and Mrs.Shine attempted to leave the premises. Mr.Shine, in trying to prevent this action, attempted to reach into her vehicle and shut off the ignition, instead breaking off the ignition key.

Fort Wayne Left is privy to other details not yet reported about this incident.We anticipate that the actual 911 call record may shine more light onto the details of that evening. . .and we will report them as they are brought to light.

Hat tip: Kevin Knuth

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