Monday, March 31, 2008

New Jill Long-Thompson ad

Put Indiana Back on Track!

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TPauley said...

As a resident of Southwest Indiana, we have been the recipients of poor quality of services for all of our people from this present administration. Sure the budget may look good on paper, but at what costs to the citizens of this state? How stupid does NOT MY MAN MITCH think that people in this state are not to realize that the initiatives that his administration is taking credit for now, are part if not all of the initiatives that he took from the people when he first took office. PRIVATIZATION has done more harm than good to the quality of life for all Indiana citizens. Jill Long-Thompson is very capable on all levels in forming a strong coalition of diverse and knowledgeable team of Cabinet and Department heads who will work side by side with her as she leads this state back from the depths that this present administration has put this state in. She has the background, knowledge and qualifications to be the leader that we need to take this state to the next level and to a better quality of life that has been lost for quit sometime.