Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Taviano hired as city's communications director

Effective January 22, Tina Taviano will be the city’s new director of communications, according to Police Chief Rusty York. The position oversees the police 911 call center, radio shop and records division.

Tina has been teaching at ITT Tech since retiring from the sheriff's department earlier this year. She likely will have to work hand in hand with former opponent, Ken Fries, in discussions to merge city and county communications centers in the future:

York said he expected Fries and Taviano to act as professionals, especially as discussions of combining the city and county 911 dispatching services invariably resurface. York said he expects a report soon from the city and county dispatch directors who examine the benefits of consolidation.

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity and challenge,” she said. “I enjoy serving the public.”

I'm glad to see Tina back in public service. She is a true public servant, and Fort Wayne is fortunate to have her in it's ranks. Congratulations, Tina!


Karen Goldner said...

What you said, John.

Tina will do a great job and I'm glad she's back in law enforcement.

Phil Marx said...

In early 2006, I attended a neighborhood association forum in which all (seven, I believe) candidates for Sheriff were present. The question was posed as to the feasibility of merging city and county emergency call centers.

Most of the candidates were focused upon the cost. They either were against it because they thought it would cost more money or they were for it because they thought it would cost less money.

Taviano's reply was that although she thought it would probably save money, that was beside the point. She said she was certain that public safety would be improved as a result of a merger and she would therefore support it even if it cost more.

I found Taviano to be very straight forward and professional as a candidate, and I expect this will continue in her new role.

Robert Enders said...

I was sitting right next to Phil at that meeting, and I was impressed with Tina for the exact same reason.

Sheri said...

I haven't heard a peep about this on Fort Wayne Observed, but wait, I forgot Mitch has a new policy. . . no democrat news!

ROACH said...

CONGRATS. I just hope as another out-of shape, overweight, FWPD cop, that she never has to chase a suspect to effect an arrest. because as with al the rest of our out-of shape, overweight, unfit cops, i'm afraid the only arrest that will be effected will be cardiac arrest.
and what of a no smoking ban for officers? seems it will save the taxpayers money when it comes to paying for health insurance for the PD?
ps- fat bottom girls make the rockin' world go 'round- as Freddy Mercury of Queen once sang

Phil Marx said...


Several years ago I applied to join FWPD. I took a practice run on their physical course. One of the obstacles was climbing over a six foot wall.

A week later I returned for the actual test and the wall was only five feet tall. I asked one of the officers why this was changed. He replied "We couldn't get enough women over the wall. We need women this year."

I wonder if FWPD went out that year and arrested all the criminals who were actually able to climb a 6' wall. I should also note that their entire physical test was very easy and took place inside a building. Heck I passed, so how hard could it have been?

I've been told that the Allen County Sherrif Dept. laughs at the FWPD "obstacle" course. Theirs is conducted outdoors on rough terrain, at least making it more realistic.

I don't care what a persons gender or physical appearance is. If they can do the job, let them do it! But it is absurd to change the requirements in order to allow a certain class of people to pass.

Welcome to FWPD, we need people "like you". How high can you jump? Well what a coincidence, that is exactly how high our wall is, just give me a minute to lower this bar.