Thursday, January 03, 2008

Change trumps Experience

Nearly half of the Democratic caucus-goers said a candidate's ability to bring about needed change was the most important factor as they made up their minds, according to the entrance interviews by AP and the networks. Change was Obama's calling card in the arduous campaign for Iowa's backing. Fewer voters cited experience, which Clinton said was her strong suit, or a candidate's chance of capturing the White House or ability to care about people like the voters themselves.

In a tight three-way race, Obama's 7-point win (at the time of this writing) is decisive. It appears that Edwards will finish 2nd, with Clinton trailing in the upper 20% range. My candidate, Joe Biden, placed 5th in this contest. Biden made a deal with the Obama camp earlier today, as reported here.

Good luck, Barack! I can hear the sound of numerous old white male sphincters tightening as the results continue to accrue in your favor this evening. . .


Charlotte A. Weybright said...

And those sphincters will probably continue to be irritated if Clinton or Obama wins in New Hampshire. After all, neither one fits into the standard "white male network."

My candidate is John Edwards, and at least he came in second. He simply matches more of my views. But, I am not sure how he will do in the Northeast.

I don't think Huckabee will be able to carry the Iowa victory forward in New Hampshhire and beyond. Besides, "President Huckabee?" :)

Chris Hedges said...

I'm Republican, but I'm glad to see Barack Obama do well. I might not agree with his positions, but he seems to genuinely believe in his positions. Plus, it's good to see someone from Chicago and the Midwest do well.

The other leading Democratic candidates seem too willing to "triangulate" to attract voters.

Joe said...

I loved the last paragraph (and I think I know a lot of them)! :-)


Jon Olinger said...

Iowa is a strange thing. Candidates work like crazy to win it, but it really isn't needed to win the nomination. I’m not surprised Hillary fell off in Iowa, I think she will fair similar in NH, but it will all boil down to Super Tuesday. The Clintons and their camp contain some of the best political strategists this country has ever had; I think you will see her get stronger in the future.

I agree with Charlotte on Huckabee. I think he is at his peek now. The question is who will surge?

Rachel said...

Last week I thought it would be Clinton vs. Romney this fall. I'm now starting to believe (or maybe wish) that that it will be Obama and Romney. And next January we will inaugurate President Obama.

Luis said...

I think Obama will increase its score by the time.

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