Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mayor Henry to Explore Casino

After months and months of listening to politicians tell us there's no way to get a casino to Fort Wayne we find out that Steuben County might just be a little more resourceful than the Fort Wayne folks. You mean we could get a new business that local government wouldn't have to massively subsidize and would actually create millions in annual tax revenue? Say it ain't so. And guess what that might mean? Yep, your property taxes could go down. Or you could fix some of the Fort Wayne Community Schools without breaking the public bank. There are a number of possibilities that become instantly viable with a casino.

Thankfully our new mayor is picking up the previous mayor's slack and plans to look into the possibility:
The topic of gambling has crossed the mind of Henry at the start of his administration.

Concerning the idea for a new casino at Buck Lake in Steuben County, Henry wants to push to have that re-located in Fort Wayne, and he will try and lay the groundwork for such a change through the spring and summer months.

H/T: Fort Wayne News


Andrew Kaduk said...

I have no idea why the Mayor would want to "shanghai" Steuben's little project when there are likely many MANY more casino operations that would be interested in an expansion move to this area. Why not make the whole NE corner of Indiana into a tourist destination? Think of the profit possibilities...for EVERYONE! Competition creates the environment for big why think in terms of only ONE area casino? Hell, why not cooperatively build six casinos with a network of short luxury bus commutes between the casinos, area hot-spots (Harrison Square, Outlet Mall, Glenbrook, Coliseum, ACD Museum, WWII Museum etc. etc. etc.), hotels, restaurants and more???? It's just a good idea all the way around, but sabotaging the Steuben deal is a bad foot to put forward...especially considering the other options available. There are lots of fish in this particular sea.

Mousee said...

The war between traditional and online casino isn’t over as I think. There are some big companies like Neteller (as billing system) or PartyPoker (as the largest casino) who will continue to lobby in order to return their positions. I think that decrease in casino for sale’ business on the US market will be substituted by increase on the European and Asian market.

ROACH said...

Happy 2008,FTW left.
viva las vegas.
why not just give Fort Wayne/allen county back to the Indians? they were here 10,000 years before the white man. There is an active Miami Indian faction here in Fort Wayne- I dont know the local chief's name, however. maybe Brian Buchanan? anybody out there know/
Anyway- We had allegiant air, until they backed out- 2 way travel between FTW, and LV-NV. I have been harping on having hotel/Casinos/legal slotmachines/cherrymasters here in FTW for years, seing as how Manufacturing has all gone over seas, mostly- certainly not like the hey-day, when I was growing up here.
The fact is we are now a rust-belt backwater, withing growing problems related to poverty, and lack of jobs. Isolated- little bus service- no direct passenger rail services- not at baker street, anyway.
No direct Air service- Fort Wayne International- motto- you cant get there from here, directly. why does south bend, and Indianapolis have all the airservice- Fort Wayne dropped the ball again. stupid leadership types.
I guess Fort Wayne is a great place to live if: you are in the witness protection plan. A former nazi rocket scientist/etc, working for our own rocket science/WMD factories. A convicted, released felon/child molester( they are steady, permanent employees- nobody else wants them). a single mother on welfare- lots of them. disabled- govt pensioner. An illegal alien- cheep labor, senor!will work for cash- save you beeg dinero!. A loser like me, who the only jobs i can find are back breaking physical labor(cant do it- bad back- not enough to get disability), factory work through temporary "staffing companies"- 89 days at a time- toxic chemicals, deadly dull working conditions, first shift( sure cant interview for any college- education jobs that way), stupid dullards, mind numbed drones.
It seems the only work requirements you need here are 1. first and foremost- must pass drug screen( no weekend stoners need apply)2,. pass a background check- see above- preferences to convicts-tax credits, etc., you know. 3 impeccable credit- impossible working 89 days or less at a time.
forget about health insurance, education benefits, etc.
If you are connected, or a nespotist- you have an in at the local govt- people like me, need not apply.
Fast food? forget about it- I have PTSD- the first customer who blew me any crap- I'd throw their burger bag, and drink in their face- I have anger management issues with stupid ignorant customers, who take joy in harassing minimum wage burger flippers. cand aford to work p/t for minimum wage, with no health care or education benefits, for petty burgeoise dictator burger flipper bosses- also- bad back, and PTSD.
so whats a Veteran to do?
Saloons? Gambling? not here in FTW. the church? nope- got a problem with the whole "clean holy living, vow of chastity/poverty issue" tried it for a month- longest month of my life. about went ballistic.
I'd make a great banker- great hours- great pay- little work- got to be able to count to 10, and count back change. benefits, bankers hours. I can stand and sit 8 hours( ADA- reasonable accomodation).
cant drive a cdl- truck. road rage issues- deadly job.
cant work 3rd- health issues.
Casions would fit the bill- anything is better than the brain drain/brain dead; dysfunctional local poverty infested river rat trap of a dead end, isolated vacant rust belt burg we are stuck in presently.
anyway- happy 2008, y'all. hope it goes better for you than it likely will for me.

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