Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Message from Barry Welsh

An open letter to Congressman Mike Pence and the taxpayers of Indiana,

I am Barry Welsh, and I will be in a rematch with Congressman Pence in
2008 for the Indiana 6th District seat in The U.S. House of
Representatives. As a representative, the votes cast and bills
brought forward impact everyone across the nation, not just those in
the voting district, therefore I bring forth the question of Iraq.

Those that followed the 2006 6th District race know I had enough then,
and that position has not changed. The Iraq War and Occupation has
cost the tax payers of Indiana's 6th District over 725 Million
Dollars, which is in addition to the immeasurable price paid in loss
by our brave troops. If that 725 million dollars were in this
district instead of in Iraq, the property tax might not have been
forced to skyrocket, but as it is, the fewer dollars that come back to
the state from the federal level, the more dollars the state must
raise on it's own.

This country should have remained focused on Afghanistan and capturing
Osama Bin Laden, and that focus should have remained clear, but
instead this country was lead into Iraq, and it is time to put the
focus back upon Osama Bin Laden, where it should have been since

The British withdrew from Basra and violence dropped, it is not a hard
lesson to learn.
The excuses for staying in Iraq are running out, as is the patience of
'We the People'.

The question is simple; Congressman Pence, what date will you set to
end your support of the Occupation of Iraq? The people deserve to
know when you have had enough. If the answer is 'never', the people
deserve to know that as well.


Barry Welsh
2008 Indiana Democratic Congressional Candidate

Welsh for Congress Headquarters
414 Central Ave.
Box 707
Connersville, IN 47331
(765) 825-8100

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Phil Marx said...

Well stated Mr. Welsh. I wish you were running against Mark Souder.