Sunday, December 09, 2007

And Conservatives Vote For This Clown?

The JG's Sylvia Smith has a story about the game of chicken the Republicans are playing with the Alternative Minimum Tax. I wrote about this a few days ago and let readers know that the Republicans don't want to pay for the AMT relief this year - they simply want to add it to the debt. Now I'm sure this doesn't surprise many conservatives as they've watched this group spend like drunken sailors for years. In fact I rarely find anybody that even makes the "Republicans are fiscal conservatives" argument anymore.

But for those of you that still (for whatever reason) think Congressman Mark Souder is a fiscal conservative I give you the latest example of his irresponsible behavior:
Over the years, Souder has supported legislation to increase the AMT exemptions, but he voted against the Democrats’ version this year because of the bill’s tax increases on the high-income groups. He said a better option would be to approve the one-year patch and add the cost to the deficit.

“Raising taxes is a greater threat than small extensions of raising the debt,” he said.

Did you get that? Souder would rather add more money to the deficit than pay for middle class tax cuts! And small extension? It's going to cost $50 BILLION for this year alone you jackass. But hey, what's $50 Billion among out-of-touch Beltway bureaucrats? Are there any fiscal conservatives out there willing to defend Souder's position? It's his mentality that's caused nearly all of our current financial problems.

Will the 3rd District please wake up and send this clown packing...


John B. Kalb said...

Jeff - AMEN !! John B. Kalb

bobett said...

I agree too! Do we have a motion by all voters not to re-elect Mark Souder.

Get rid of Mark Souder!

Anonymous said...

I'm saying what I say every time Souder comes up: "Don't blame me, I voted for Hayhurst."

Vic DeMize said...

I've been against this Beltway Bozo for years - so far, to no avail, but I'll keep on trying.