Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Souder Said Knock You Out

It is unbelievable to just sit back and watch the Kelty-Souder train wreck. Mark Souder went out of his way to publicly endorse Matt Kelty and now he's going a step further in lambasting Kelty in the media. I mean this isn't Kevin Knuth or some Democratic politician saying these things - this is Mark Souder, a long time Kelty friend and ultra-partisan Republican Congressman.
Rep. Mark Souder, R-3rd, refused to participate in a radio commercial for Republican mayoral candidate Matt Kelty and now is “extremely upset” that Kelty recently used Souder’s past endorsement in a mailing to supporters.

“I would have said no” if Kelty had asked permission to include Souder in the mailing, he said Monday.

Souder also said he hasn’t made up his mind whether he’ll vote for Kelty next month.

Are you kidding me? If Mark frickin' Souder won't vote for you as a Republican nominee then you are in serious trouble. I mean let's just step back and analyze this for a second. Souder doesn't have to say anything about Kelty at this point. When asked he could've simply stated "I'm already on the record about Matt Kelty and I'm not going to discuss it further". But what does he do instead? He leads the charge against Kelty by publicly dishing out more anti-Kelty soundbites. It's not that he doesn't want to support Kelty, it's that he wants to publicly embarrass him. What does he do to top this - make his absentee ballot public?

There are possibly two different sides to Mark Souder's actions. One, he is backtracking for political reasons and doesn't want to be anywhere near a radioactive Kelty. Or two, he genuinely believes that Kelty is a troubled individual that has no business being mayor. Normally I would say #1 is the most likely choice but we can't forget that several prominent Republicans have broken away from Kelty. Who at this point will stand up and support him publicly? Anyone? Anyone?

I don't say this often but - Thank You Congressman Souder...


J Q Taxpayer said...

Sadly for Kelty, when this is all over and done with, many who are driving his operation will not even remember his name. He will be tossed onto the political trash pile.

Even if Kelty wins will not remove all the issues. Nearly every move he makes will be questioned. Unless he can attract nearly 60% of the voters he will have no mandate to hang his hat onto.

As for Souder, he knows his strenght is dimishing day after day in the Fort Wayne area. He forgot his roots but the dumb voters are starting to remember.

Considering Souder lost in Allen County and the City of Fort Wayne in his last race it would hardly make him the ideal endorsement.

Jeff Pruitt said...

I agree but I wanted to make a minor correction. Souder did lose Fort Wayne but he won by a slim margin in Allen County...

Stan Matuska said...

Thank you Congressman Souder.
Stan Matuska