Monday, October 15, 2007

Henry-Stewart Open House Recap

On Sunday we held an open house for Democratic mayoral candidate Tom Henry and 4th district city council candidate Chris Stewart. A nice mix of neighbors and local bloggers were in attendance for the event, which ran from 2-4:30 PM. Tom and Chris gave a very nice presentation to the group and answered questions ranging from the Harrison Square project downtown to issues with the local water utility, Aqua Indiana, here in Aboite. All questions were thoroughly answered, and participants in our "mini town hall meeting" left satisfied and more fully informed than when they arrived.

The information on TIF Districts and how they apply to Harrison Square were most enlightening to myself and several others. One often hears how the mainstream media doesn't really provide enough information to the public due to schedules and time constraints - I can now vouch for that personally! I learned more about this project in a 30 minute Q&A session with knowledgeable persons than I have from months of local media coverage.

I was so wrapped up in the discussion that I even failed to take any pictures. Fortunately enough, Stan the Man Ham had his trusty digital camera ready and waiting:

Left to Right: Chris Stewart, Stan Matuska, Tom Henry

Tom Henry fields questions from participants

I'd like to thank Tom Henry and Chris Stewart for sharing an afternoon with us during their busy campaign schedule! In addition, I must acknowledge the local bloggers who were in attendance as well, in no particular order:

Rachel, Parson, Robert, Sheri, Roger, and Stan.


Karen Goldner said...

The best thing about local politics is that candidates have a chance to meet a significant number of the voters. By "best" I mean both that it is good for democracy and also that it is very enjoyable.

Jeff Pruitt said...

Sounded like a good time John, wish I could've been there...

Parson said...

Stan asked a great question about Harrison square and Tom's answer shed some better light on things.