Thursday, September 20, 2007

So Far, So Good for Jill Long Thompson

Blue Indiana brings us recent polling data from WISH-TV showing that Long Thompson has a substantial early lead over the other two Democratic candidates in the Gubernatorial primary race.
Research 2000 -- (9/10 - 9/14)
Margin: +/- 3.5%
If the 2008 Democratic Primary for Governor were held today, which of the following candidates would you vote for?

Jill Long Thompson: 41%
Richard Young: 16%
Jim Schellinger: 10%
Undecided: 33%

There's no guarantee that these early numbers will hold as we get closer to primary day, but I would certainly rather be in Long Thompson's position at this point. Some discounted her candidacy because of her late entry into the race but I was very impressed with her message when she came through Fort Wayne to announce her candidacy:
I think she's going to be a good candidate as it sounds like she's going to run a populist campaign based around reforming our state tax structure and protecting Indiana jobs.

I know she's behind in the money-race but I wouldn't count her out as a populist message can be very powerful in this state...

I stand by that statement and I think we're going to have quite a primary race to determine who our next governor is...

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Karen Goldner said...

Jill Long Thompson is by far the most qualified Democrat running for governor. She is not only a former Member of Congress but she also managed a very large government organization when she was head of Rural Development (part of USDA). She has run small businesses, including the family farm. Her vision is so refreshing - I am glad to see that other Hoosiers are hearing her message and obviously responding well to it.