Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kelty = Lawyers, Henry = Issues

I was going to make a post about Matt Kelty hiring more lawyers and pushing his trial beyond the election but Thomas over at Blue Indiana hit the nail on the head so I'll just link to him:
Those of you who were hoping to see some resolution in the ongoing Matt Kelty trial will be disappointed to read this morning that Kelty has requested that his trial date be moved to after the November elections.

There's nothing like asking people to vote for you without being able to guarantee that you will be able to serve out your full term due to felony charges. I think Kelty's campaign could use a few less lawyers and a lot more positive ideas, but I guess that's the reality of being an indicted candidate.

On the other hand, Democratic candidate Tom Henry is set to take to the air with television advertisements that will run from now until election day.

This really is the gist of your choice. Vote for a man that has tried to bamboozle the media and the public every step of the way and could very well end up in jail or the honest guy talking about the issues and trying to get more citizens involved in government.

Easy choice for me...


Angry White Boy said...

It’s a pretrial hearing, as pointed out here

Jeff Pruitt said...


I realized it was a hearing but if you move a pretrial hearing beyond the election date then you've obviously moved the trial beyond the election date.

It sounds like he has a legitimate reason for moving the date so I'm not criticizing that move and I don't think Thomas was either, but I'm not going to speak for him...

Thomas said...

No, I definitely wasn't. On a level of pure legal strategy, this certainly makes the most sense. But unfortunately for Kelty, he's not just a man who is fighting to defend himself, but he is fighting to be elected to the city's highest office.

It can't be easy to be a candidate and a defendant all at once, but that doesn't mean the voters of Fort Wayne shouldn't take into consideration the reality of Kelty's situation when they enter the voting booth.

otto said...

I think this indicates that Kelty and his lawyers are quite concerned about being sent to the DOC. If they had confidence in their case they would push for resolution. Being sent to DOC is much worse than losing an election that you had little chance of winning from the very begining.