Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Indiana Republican Chairman Buries His Head in the Sand

It takes quite a sycophant to take all of the poor economic data and news that citizens of this state see every day and sell that as an "economic hot streak". Nay, it takes a morally bankrupt individual to perform such an act - akin to hocking costume jewelry on QVC to senior citizens. Readers of this blog, I give you Murray Clark, Chairman of the Indiana Republican Party:
As Gov. Mitch Daniels returns from his latest economic development mission, let’s take a moment to examine the tremendous jobs record compiled by our governor during the past three years. Simply put, it is another sterling example of promises made and promises kept.

While traveling around Indiana as both candidate and governor, Daniels pledged to go anywhere and talk to anyone about bringing jobs to our state. He has worked tirelessly to make Indiana more attractive to businesses, build a homegrown life science industry and use the tools of state government to partner with companies that want to do business in the Hoosier State.

There is no doubt that Daniels’ leadership has had a powerful effect on Indiana’s economy. Our nearly unprecedented job growth is the natural result of the common-sense economic blueprint implemented by the governor and his team starting in 2005.

The numbers don’t lie.

No Murray, the numbers don't lie. Let's review shall we?

  1. Indiana was one of only three states to report a decline in employment for the past year, shedding 12,700 jobs.

  2. The number of people with jobs fell by 27,500 during the past year.

  3. In total, we had 49,200 fewer people in the Indiana labor force in May 2007 than a year earlier.

  4. Indiana's median household income was an estimated $45,394 last year, lower than the $50,298 earned in 1999, when adjusted for inflation. Only Michigan, Ohio and North Carolina had greater percentage declines.

  5. Statewide the poverty rate went from 9 percent to an estimated 13 percent between 2000 and 2006.

  6. While home prices rose 41 percent nationally over the 2000-2006 time frame, housing prices in Indiana went up only 11 percent

  7. The state’s foreclosure rate is 50th among the states and the District of Columbia and 48th in the rate of subprime loans

  8. Small-business ownership and microenterprise ownership rates at or near the bottom (51st and 50th, respectively), and fewer small businesses receiving support in the form of private loans (48th).

I'm not sure how much more of this "economic hot streak" we can take. My message for Murray Clark - have some dignity...

H/T: Blue Indiana for consistently linking to stories countering the "hot streak" meme

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bobett said...

1. In the State of Indiana are we going to tax and spend?

2. In the State of Indiana are we going to borrow and spend what we have?

3. In the State of Indiana are we going to budget, plan, and possiblibly save and invest in Indiana?

4. In the the State of Indiana,
we are broken. Fort Wayne, In is
not helping with the welfare Indiana State Bond to finance this city. Pay Cash or well be
trashed Fort Wayne.