Tuesday, September 18, 2007

John Good is the New Official Campaign Blogger For Barry Welsh

Since John may not want to toot his own horn I thought I would post the press release for him. For those that don't know Barry Welsh is running against Mike "Baghdad is like Indiana" Pence. In my opinion Barry is by far the best Indiana Democratic candidate running for Congress. For those of you that want to follow the campaign blog you can find it here and it's also listed in our blogroll. Congrats to John and good luck...
Official Campaign Blogger
September 17th, 2007 | by Joh Padgett |

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to John Good as the official campaign blogger for the Barry Welsh For Congress campaign. John is best known for his work at his own blog, Left In Aboite, as well as at Fort Wayne Left and Blue Indiana. John has agreed to join the campaign as lead blogger and blog team coordinator, or "coach" as we are calling him.

John is a great fit for our team ideologically and is a fantastic writer whose style is both thought provoking and entertaining to read. He lives with his family in the Ft. Wayne suburb of Aboite where he operates a small business logistics operation. He has worked on several Democratic campaigns as a volunteer and recently worked on the Tom Hayhurst for Congress campaign, so he does bring Congressional campaign experience to the table as well.

I look forward to his postings which will appear on our main blog at http://blog.barrywelsh.org, but he will also be posting to other group blogs such as Blue Indiana, DailyKos, MyDD, Open Left and Booman Tribune regularly as well. Be sure to check out his first post on the official campaign blog, and please take time to leave a comment to welcome John to the Barry Welsh For Congress campaign!


Karen Goldner said...

Congratulations, John!

Craig said...

totally awesome

John Good said...

Jeff - Thank you for the "tooting" as well as your kind words! I obviously agree with your assessment of Barry!

Karen - Thank you as well! You've been a real friend to me in the "blog-o-sphere". =)

Craig - We miss your wit, buddy! Hurry back (when you are ready).

Parson said...


I hate to be critic but that Barry's Blog has a odd format. (at least using firefox).

bobett said...

Do you all create new blogs as if it were the new flavor of the month to get an idea foward?

Let's come to a meeting of the mind...In fact, let's dialogue. The structure, stability, focus of each blog connects the dots.

Let's get er' done.

Jeff Pruitt said...


Who are you referring to? I have never created a single blog. Nobody affiliated with FWL created Barry's blog either - it was created by his campaign and John was asked to be a contributor...

bobett said...

Yes, this is your Blog? Thank you
for letting folks share ideas.

Your message is huge... just to create change here in NorthEast, In.

Do you really think the powers at bay
....talking with the City-Council
sharing ideas at the Meetings that are taped will make a dent towards progress in this area? Come ON. Seriously, please
keep up the good work.

There are Blogs in NorthEast, In that focus on this area.
But, yes I'm finding John Good
at Left in Aboite, Ublog Press, Democratic Party, a wee bit one
sided. That's my thought process
and it might not be the same for
others that read these blogs.

I believe we need the city-county
to spend less money. I think you can not spend money until you have saved the money.

John Good said...

Bobett - That was a rather long-winded journey to merely point out that you are fiscally conservative.

I'm unclear on what or who exactly the "powers at bay" are, and who or what is keeping them at bay. . .but Jeff is definitely one of the most informed bloggers on local issues here in Fort Wayne,a damned fine reporter,and a builder of bridges to those with opposing views. I'll defend his work to anyone.

As far as my personal viewpoints are concerned, we're obviously on different sides of the coin. I am an admitted partisan Progressive. I respect your right to have a different viewpoint, however, if you don't like my perspective. . .you also have the choice to not read it. Or to start your own site. Or stick to reading conservative blogs.

Or you can engage us/me by offering up some details and alternatives to what you disagree with. It was difficult to discern much from your comment other than your fiscal tightness and dislike for my political views.

bobett said...

John, just what I thought you would say.

Thanks for opening the doors.