Sunday, September 16, 2007

Free Advice for Kelty Campaign

While you might disagree with the current mayor on specific issues, attacking him is probably not a good strategy. Despite the unpopularity of Harrison Square this mayor still enjoys a high job approval rating and, in general, has done a good job. It is doubly unwise to attack him over his lack of support for the FWCS facilities project when Kelty himself never took a stand on the issue or signed either the yellow or blue petition. From today's Political Notebook section of the JG:
Kelty attacked Richard for not offering more vocal support for the Fort Wayne Community Schools’ $500 million bond issue, which was later killed through remonstrance. Kelty said the mayor should have been out front but only sent a letter of support.

“It’s time for real leadership,” Kelty said.

Of course, the issue Kelty chose is somewhat perplexing – he didn’t sign either petition for the bond issue and has never publicly said which side he supported.

Surely I'm not the only person that sees the irony in our "smaller government" candidate not speaking out against what was going to be a massive and unnecessary tax increase levied by FWCS. Why is that by the way? Oh yea, Kelty wants to reduce public spending unless it could benefit him personally.

So my advice would be to stop the hypocritical attacks against a popular sitting mayor. No charge...


ROACH said...

its time for real leadership- right now.
wasnt that the Buskirk campaign motto?
So leadership is not signing a petition that will affect your taxes, and other kids education for years?
And even if you have kids in private/parochial schools, we all still pay taxes to support the public schools, too, so Private/parochial schools would see their schooling costs go up.
so why didnt candidate Kelty show some "real leadership(right now) and take a stand- either way?
I guess all politicians talk out both sides of their mouths- or out 1 side( their side)and by the time they are done, we still dont know where thye stand on anything.
I suggest Candidate Kelty is running for Mayor, because how much money has he earned the past year? His wife is a Wayne township advisory board member- elected- that cant pay much.
just think: Matt Kelty -the Invisible Mayor- earning 100K as Mayor- lead Architect for a new FWCS- lots of professional fees there. not to mention all the graft you can handle.
You know- it costs a lot of money to send your kids to Parochial, private schools, high schools, and college.
I'm sure money is a prime directive.
And has candidate Kelty started making his required repayments? and did Fred rost, and don vito willis bundle anybodys contributions, to be anonymous, and to pay out to the Kelty campaign?

enquiring minds want to know...

AmericanWhiteGuy said...


That was DEFINITELY not a smart move on Kelty's part. As I said on my blog, if he keeps putting his head in the crocodile's mouth...he's going to get bit!

Disgusted said...

Mr. Kelty and his firm did receive over $98,000.00 from FWCS last year.