Friday, September 28, 2007

A Heartbreaking Letter From Burma

From a blogger in Burma:


I have written this letter in regards to current political situation of Myanmar.

First I would like to thank you on behalves of all brave people of Myanmar for taking your valuable time to read this.

I am sure you have heard and seen most of the stuff that is currently going on in Myanmar so I will not bore you with a long story.

What media is still not telling the world is that people of Myanmar are now in the great hope for your help and the help of UN.

They have no one else to turn to and their own army is killing them brutally.
And since all their leaders were secretly detained without any warrant, people and sangas are leading the very dangerous demonstration by themselves without proper leadership.

That is exactly what that government wants. They are creating fake chaos activities with their own people impersonating as sangas and civilians in order for them to tell the world that they are just controlling the situation.

Please Mr. Bush and the UN, all the starving and abused people of Myanmar are crying for your help now. I’ve been contacted by many kids from the streets of Myanmar to ask United States and UN to take actions to protect their lives.

Please do not look into this manner as a simple foreign political issue.
What Myanmar is going through now is the crime against human rights.
If you can help in the Middle East issues where people are killing each other using guns, you should absolutely help our people with their bare hands, who are being tortured and shot to death on the city streets and in their own homes.

We understand you have sent a few sanctions to Myanmar Juntas before but they always lied as if they would correspond but ignored to the whole world.

Even thou they have began to communicate with UN now, yet they are still giving orders to shoot the peaceful sangas and innocent people on the streets.

Please help us Mr. Bush, Mr. Ban Ki-moon and all leaders of the world,
We have no weapons or protections. Please…..
Give us a right to live freely.

With all due respect

People Of Myanmar

Unfortunately for the citizens of Burma, they have no chance because they are not armed. It's unfortunate that so many citizens around the world learn the hard way that an unarmed citizenry is one waiting to be slaughtered. Next time you're reminded of gun crimes remember that there are certainly costs associated with freedom. But if a people are not willing and able to stand up and defend themselves, and their inalienable rights, then they can never be free.


Anonymous said...

It is indeed a messed up situation, to say the least.

It is things like this that make me appreciate the Second Amendment even more.

Gloria said...

This is a heartbreaking situation, but we all know that if Bush wants more money for the war and won't help kids with basic healthcare, he's not going to give a $%^%^& about Burma. As with any crisis that comes up in the future, if we want to make a difference, it's up to the people.

Robert Rouse said...

Jeff, thanks for posting this. We all need to pay more attention to this problem - this was the subject of my Blog World Report today. Especially her in Fort Wayne considering the fact that we have the largest population of Burmese outside of Burma.

Sheri said...