Friday, September 28, 2007

Democrats for Kelty?

After yesterday's Republicans for Henry rally Matt Kelty made the following comment:
"This is politics, if I wanted to make a big deal out of all the Democrats that we have supporting me, I could have had a rally four times that size, but that's not the point," says Kelty.

This strikes me as an extremely childish statement. It's like a schoolyard kid losing a footrace and then saying "Well I could've ran 4 times as fast as you if I really wanted to." The point is that if Kelty had prominent Democrats publicly breaking away from the party to support him then he would exploit it - that's good politics. The truth is he doesn't. But I suppose this is just a small drop in the bucket that's full of Kelty exaggerations and half-truths.

Republican chairman Steve Shine added the following:
It is the people who are not coming out and showing (sic) boating and that aren't being absorbed in the campaign circus, if you will, that we're counting on to support Matt Kelty.

So you're counting on the silent, non-energized citizenry? Good luck with that...

UPDATE: When I wrote this I hadn't seen a similar post over at Blue Indiana. Thomas, as usual, is right on the money and it's worth a read...


steve said...

I hadn't seen Kelty's retort yet.

You're right he's childish. He's also delusional.

Democrats aside, he should be more worried about whether or not he has more Republican votes.

This pose(mistake) is just another example of his campaign's inadequacy.

AmericanWhiteGuy said...

I had a similar post over on my blog earlier in the day as well.

In Henry's case, moderate republicans are supporting a moderate democrat. Kelty leans pretty far to the right. I would have questioned the validity of anyone claiming to be a "democrat" at a "Democrats for Kelty" rally.

Robert said...

As long as we all have opinions ...and you quoted and belittled that of Matt Kelty, I believe that the whole scenario by a bunch of RINOs is overplayed. I should also say that their actions and those of the Henry camp are a bit on the thumb-sucking side as well.

I remind you that the Donk city hall is stinking up the town right now with its illegal actions and conflicts of interest regarding Harrison Square.

Where is Common Cause when we need them?

Jeff Pruitt said...

No need for common cause, any citizen can file a complaint with the county prosecutor...

otto said...

Your point is the key point. Angry redneck and other kool-aid drinkers keep raising the conspiracy/victim theory so as to not address the credibility issue. Anyone, including sane people of any political stripe, would say WTF. So let the jackasses who bitch about Common Cause etc. waste their breath-they only make jackasses of themselves.

J Q Taxpayer said...

From the middle right. I think that is where I am in the political world.

I figure Sam has returned to his roots, and that is no problem.

You can have Kenny N. and his money. You talk about an alter ego. Remember he is the guy that got Sheriff Fries a great deal on some old Adams Road Landfill property. Of course he charged his buddy, Sheriff Fries for what he payed for the entire parcel. He kept the best section for himself to market later, and got the county to move a ditch at a later date, at some unknown cost to make his property worth more.

Yah, you got him and you can not send him back! Even if Kelty gets beat, we won by getting rid of the biggest ego the GOP had.

As for Ms. Hawks. She will take good care of you. Of course she may step on the toes and force out old time hard working Democrats. But hay, what the heck it is her show. If you have any questions, she will be happy to tell you how it is.

If any of you are Henry supporters I would watch who is coming over to help him out. Excluding Talarico, I would be very worried about what they want for DELIVERING THE REPUBLICAN VOTE.

Kenny N remains me of the neighborhood crybaby.

If Kelty looses Mayor's race it sure won't because of Kenny N or Ms. Hawks. They thought everyone followed them but so far they have found that following to be a very short line.

Gosh, just when I thought Allen County was going to end up with two equal parties, which does the best for all of us, the Democrats get knocked down a notch by getting Kenny N and Ms. Hawks.


Jeff Pruitt said...

I guess I disagree that the Republicans you mention are leaving the party. They are still calling themselves Republicans and will likely vote for many Republican candidates. What they are saying is they will not support a particular candidate within the party because they don't feel he's a good candidate for mayor.

I know I've said this before but on local issues I'm not sure there's a nickel's worth of difference between between the two parties. So if that's the case then you have to decide who you think will do the best job - evidently some Republicans don't think that's Matt Kelty.

But I think it's quite a stretch to suggest that breaking away from a single municipal candidate means you're leaving your party. I'm very likely going to vote for Crawford in the council at-large race and I certainly don't see that as a sign of my allegiance to the Republican party...

Sam T. said...

JQ, say what you wish and call me what you want, but the fact remains that I have voted for George Bush twice, I voted for Mitch Daniels once and look forward to voting for him again. I have voted for Souder numerous times, I vote republican in nearly every local race and will continue to do so.

My support of Tom Henry has nothing to do with R or D or Nelson Peters or anything similar. My support of Tom Henry has everything to do with common sense. Common sense tells me that Matt Kelty is lacking in the attributes we need in the Mayor's office. Matt and I also disagree on some of the major issues facing this city. At the end of the day, just like a lot of other republicans I have spoken with, I just do not buy what Kelty is trying to sell.

I am still a proud member of the republican party, but my City's future means more to me than simply Rs and Ds.