Thursday, August 23, 2007

Republican Chairman Eliminates Executive Committee Due to Kelty Infighting

The JG is reporting that Steve Shine has dissolved the Republican Party's executive committee:
Allen County Republican Chairman Steve Shine on Thursday dissolved the party’s executive committee, the day its president resigned because of concerns about Matt Kelty’s mayoral candidacy.

Shine said he would announce the committee’s elimination to county precinct officials Thursday evening. The group of about 200 precinct officials were scheduled to meet to discuss Kelty’s legal problems.

Shine said he decided to eliminate the group because its members were using it as a forum to get publicity for party infighting.

“The committee has become a public platform for people on both sides of this matter,” he said. “Regrettably, it has become a vehicle for discord rather than one for accord.”

Shine’s announcement comes just hours after Ken Neumeister, the president of the committee and an influential GOP fundraiser, resigned because of his unhappiness with the party’s support for Kelty.

Of course this was probably just a preemptive strike by Shine because Mike Sylvester reported that a 2nd person resigned from the board and that more were likely to follow...


John Good said...

"These people refuse to do as I tell them to; so I will eliminate them! Ha HA!"

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

A local former GOP leader is up for felony counts in connection with forgeries on candidates' petitions. He blamed it on the hot weather. Some "morals."

ROACH said...

Fort Wayne- where they would elect a ham sandwich if it was a republican.
Now if the Chairman would dissolve the CENTRAL COMMITTEE, we would all be freed from our opressors.
next, lets dissolve all the lawyers. then the city of fort wayne articles of incorporation.instant consolidation, with the stroke of a pen.