Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Matt Kelty Case Going to Grand Jury

The JG has the story:
The case surrounding $158,000 in loans to Republican mayoral nominee Matt Kelty will go before a grand jury.

Special Prosecutor Dan Sigler said Tuesday morning that he asked Allen County Superior Judge Fran Gull to empanel a grand jury to hear testimony surrounding the case. Sigler was appointed by Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards to investigate how Kelty reported the loans on his campaign finance reports.

Sigler said he felt calling a grand jury is appropriate because of the large amount of information related to the case.

This was the right decision as transparent campaign financing is too important to be left to a partisan election board. Of course this is a major setback for the Kelty campaign:
Kelty said he anticipated Sigler calling a grand jury but was disappointed in the decision.

“Even though it’s not a surprise, I was hoping he would find no merit in the complaint and simply say so,” Kelty said.

This isn't going away anytime soon for Matt Kelty and it means more money for his attorney, Jim Bopp, and less for his campaign...

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