Sunday, June 03, 2007

An Update on the Kelty-Bopp-Delay Connection

Readers may remember this post where I pointed out that Matt Kelty's lawyer James Bopp had represented Tom Delay in an unsuccessful effort to be removed from the ballot in the 2006 election.

James Bopp took exception with that characterization and left the following comment to correct the record:
I hope that the other posts on this blog are more accurate than this one. I have never represented Tom Delay. The case you are apparently referring to arose out of Tom Delay's moving out of his House district and the attempt of the Texas Republican Party to replace him on the ballot. I represented the Chairman of the Texas Republican Party, not Tom Delay. Jim Bopp

Ok so evidently Mr Bopp's paychecks (I'm assuming he was paid) weren't coming from Tom Delay - they were coming from the Chairman of the Texas GOP. Six one way, half a dozen the other if you ask me, but I suppose the readers can draw their own conclusion. The gist of the post is still correct - namely that Bopp worked on an unsuccessful effort to get Delay removed from the ballot.

Based on Bopp's comment above, I think it's safe to say that splitting hairs isn't reserved solely for campaign finance laws...

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Craig said...

I wonder who pointed Mr. Bopp your direction, or if he found it all by his lonesome.

He probably just sits around and googles his own name. He comes across as that sort of person.